Monday, 17 October 2016

Has Julian Assange been murdered?

There are rumours that Julian Assange has been murdered

John Podesta’s Cryptic Tweet To Assange Hours Before Dead Man Keys Activated.

Photo by Center for American Progress

17 October, 2016

John Podesta mysteriously decided to send Wikileaks founder (and thorn in his side), Juliane Assange, a tweet bragging about his “rich guy” dinner. The tweet is now coming under scrutiny as ongoing suspicion is that Assange is potentially dead, or in grave condition after having activated the Dead Man Switches which allows Wikileaks remaining emails to be distributed even in the even of the Founder’s death.

Here’s a screengrab of the Tweet.

Well, rumors are now swirling that actress Pamela Anderson served Assange Vegan snacks which could have been poisoned. Again, this is rumor and suspicion. Until Assange posts to Twitter, it is likely that suspicion will continue to write its own narrative. If the truth does become stranger than fiction and Assange passed away due to poisoned food, then Podesta’s tweet becomes especially suspect and cryptic

Seems as if he's OK!

UK Ecuadorian Embassy Security Office confirmed founder Julian is alive & well! . Excited for upcoming drops!

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