Monday 25 November 2013

Questions to Arnie Gundersen

Mike Ruppert has written an open letter to Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds.

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Questions about Fukushima radiation

November 24, 2013


OPEN INVITATION FOR RESPONSE to: Helen Caldicott, Chris Busby and any nuclear expert qualified/willing to answer

SUBJECTStatus of Spent Fuel Pools (SFPs) and Nuclear Inventory at Fukushima Daiichi. Urgent request for full disclosure or best available information in the immediate PUBLIC INTEREST

Dear Mr. Gunderson:

I will present this question as though it were offered at an open-mic press conference and I was a journalist… which I happen to be.

First, great thanks and deep respect to you for your conduct and ceaseless, professional efforts since March 11, 2011. I have twice invited you to be a guest on my radio show THE LIFEBOAT HOUR on the Progressive Radio Network. You have declined once and failed to respond once. Nonetheless, through my Facebook page and my radio show since the earthquake/tsunami I have relentlessly posted or discussed almost everything you – and so many others – have done in service to life and truth in the wake of this ongoing tragedy.

A multitude of recent stories suggest that far higher amounts of radiation have been released atmospherically and/or into the Pacific than has been admitted. Examples include a very-significant spike in childhood cancers/infant mortality along the west coast of the U.S., thyroid cancers in Malibu, scientific reports that 28% of the polar bears tested in the Arctic recently revealed skin lesions, hair loss and tumors, and collapsing colonies of starfish which are “dissolving” from Washington to Northern California. Recent radiation spikes have been detected far inland on the North American Continent. Measured radiation levels have been increasing recently to the point of being the highest since the explosions. It has been disclosed that Japan continues to incinerate radioactive waste. There are many more which I do not have time to present. I trust you have seen them, mostly on ENE News.

I will couple this with (only) two pieces of evidence in the Fukushima chronology and that will lead to a series of questions which I consider the most-important questions that need to be answered – that must be answered – in furtherance of humankind’s right to know the truth.

Fact One – Examination of an abundance of photos of Reactor Bldg 3 after the hydrogen explosion show that there are no upper floors remaining at all at Unit 3… anywhere above the reactor vessel. It is a GE MkI reactor and the SFP was several floors above the ground. None of those photos or videos show anything resembling an SFP. We know that Reactor 3’s spent fuel pool was full and that it contained ultra-deadly MOX fuel which SFP4 did not.

Fact Two – NRC documents released through FOIA requests and obtained by internet journalist Hatrick Penry, which have been posted on the web and we have seen, state that "100% of the spent fuel at Unit Four" had already been burned in uncontrolled reactions in the days after the tsunami. I have made a career from forensic document analysis. You yourself have referred to (I believe) “partial burns” and zirconium fires at SFP4. On THE LIFEBOAT HOUR of August 25th of this year, my guest Helen Caldicott stated (confirming others) that the cesium content of SFP4 was the equivalent of 10 Chernobyls.

I am compelled to ask the following questions with the highest and deepest sense of urgency. I pray that you will help us to find answers quickly. I have not seen these questions previously asked or answered.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Michael C. Ruppert


1. Has all of the fuel at (Spent Fuel Pool) SFP4 been burned? If not, how much remains? How much was burned? How much radiation has been released and has this been accounted for publicly?

2. Where is SFP3 is in what condition are its contents? In the early days you reported that fuel pellets were scattered widely from the hydrogen explosion. Were these pellets from the core or from the SFP? There are recent mainstream press accounts saying the SFP3 still needs to be emptied. Where is it?

3. What is the condition of the SFPs at Units 1 & 2? Is it possible that the contents of those fuel pools have already been completely combusted?

4. How much radiation is contained in the SFPs of 1, 2, & 3 in total? Helen Caldicott has stated that at the entire Fukshima Daichi site there is the equivalent of 85 Chernobyls.

5. If, SFPs at 1, 2, & 3 have been combusted (along with 4), is this not an astronomically higher release of radiation than what has been thus far acknowledged?

6. If the SFPs at 1, 2, 3 & 4 (in any combination) have burned and released atmospherically is this, or is this not, an apocalyptic (universal extinction) event in terms of atmospheric release?

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  1. I just wrote Arnie via Facebook and urged him to respond. I'm very interested to hear what he has to say.


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