Tuesday 26 November 2013

Radiation in NZ

Sustained radiation spike of 0.49 mcsv/h in Christchurch

7:30am . 26/Nov/13

Christchurch New Zealand. Radiation Detector «SOEKS» 01M .
Radioactivity reading (average of 10 min)- inside Kitchen sink =0.10 mcsv/h outside Garage down-pipe - Sustained spike of 0.49 mcsv/h reading in YELLOW /HIGH - average 0.21 mcsv/h Green / Normal .
NOTE: SPIKES OF 0.52 YELLOW HIGH inside @ 11pm 18/Nov/13 .

sv/h is = to 1000000.00 mcsv/h and 1.0 sv/h is = to 1000 msv/h. -if radiation exceeds 0.40mcSv/h then you would need to look for the reasons of this exceeding normal reading- if it exceeds 1.20 mcSv/h Get out .

-This is based on information in my Soeks Manual .

-This is based on information in my Soeks Manual .

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