Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Allegations of an attempted coup in Saudi Arabia

Unlike the mass media to try to provide an update (as well as contextualisation) on event that become buried in non-events like the birth of a new sprog in the British royal family.

Update on events in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

23 April, 2018

UPDATE 3:40 AM EDT MONDAY 4/23/2018 -- SEE BOTTOM --   At about 2:45 PM Eastern US time Saturday, reports of "gunfire and explosions" at the Royal Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia started coming in.   Shortly thereafter, the palace itself reported that guards shot down a drone and there was nothing to be concerned about.  That statement by the Palace was false.

Video (below) proves there was very heavy and prolonged machine gun fire and several explosions at the Royal Palace.  A Coup is clearly being attempted!
Saudi Arabia now confirms that "an incident" caused the evacuation of King Salman to a military base where he is reported safe.....

 UPDATE 3:40 AM EDT MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018 -- 

COVERT INTEL - some former colleagues of mine still inside various Intelligence Agencies worldwide, have ALLEGED that the incident above was an attempted Coup and was ALLEGEDLY carried out by loyal officers of Muhammad bin Nayef.
Muhammad bin Nayef Al Saud (born 30 August 1959) is a prominent member of the House of Saud. He is a nephew of King Salman and grandson of the founding monarch King Abdulaziz. 
He has served as First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of Saudi Arabia and chairman of the Council for Political and Security Affairs.
On 29 April 2015, he was appointed Crown Prince by King Salman, making him first in line to the throne of Saudi Arabia. On 21 June 2017 he was replaced as Crown Prince and First Deputy Prime Minister by the king’s son, then Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and relieved of all positions by royal decree of King Salman.


It's a sure sign of a civil war breaking out. Chaos, confusion, multitudes of sides only loosely affiliated toward a common goal/against a common enemy.

It's a sign that Saudi Arabia is now turning into Iraq quagmire following the U.S. invasion of 2003, with all the downsides for U.S. (expected massive attacks on U.S. troops, factional fighting with bombs going all over the place, at least half of which have been done by the CIA, by the way) and none of the upsides (uncontrolled access to free oil).

A smart market player would expect oil price to blow right through the roof in a week or so, with Russia turning the tables on the U.S.-Saudi oil war on Russia, that had collapsed the oil price in an effort to bring Russia to its knees.

Talking about shooting oneself in the foot...

What U.S. "strategic planners" (in reality - complete morons) never realized was that U.S. Saudi legs were made of glass, and that glass has just shattered into a billion pieces.

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