Monday, 23 April 2018

Important interview with Paul Craig Roberts


You can judge the importance by the fact that less than 24 hours after listening to the interview it has been REMOVED from You Tube so I have extracted the audio from a website.

I listened to this interview, recorded on the 12 April, before the US/UK/French airstrikes, with rapt attention last night. It was as if Dr. Roberts was expressing every thought or fear I have. I agreed with his every word.

If I could summarise what he said briefly it would be this:

"Russia is acting according to the highest moral values in bending over backwards to prevent WW3 but in so doing they are acting in a way that makes a hot war more likely."

Put even more simply “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”.

Another predicament.

Paul Craig Roberts: Ten Days to Armageddon?

"The American, British and French governments know they're lying through their teeth... and they're using these [orchestrated] events to take the world to war, the outcome of which could be annihilation."—PCR

We are joined once again by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy, for a discussion on the current international crisis focused on Syria.

As the war drums continue to beat in the West, Dr. Roberts presents various scenarios that he believes could play out in the coming days, expressing the hope that a catastrophic chain of events leading to WWIII could possibly be prevented by Russia acting swiftly and boldly to escort the USS Donald Cook out of range and marking a line in the waters. Dr. Roberts also gives his reaction to the alleged chemical attack in Douma, and considers the role of the Skripal Affair in the unfolding narrative of lies. (Interview conducted 12 April 2018)

Listen to this as well

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