Saturday, 28 April 2018

Methane Venting Into Air in the Arctic

Methane Venting Into Air Over Arctic Sea Ice

Paul Beckwith

Using European Satellite Data (Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service; CAMS) I show that methane is now venting into the air at the surface in the Arctic in the Kara Sea off the Russian Island of Novaya Zemlya. It must be seeping from the ocean floor, bubbling up through the shallow water column and working its way through the sea ice cover. You may recall that many large “methane craters” have been discovered lately on the Yamal Peninsula which juts out into the Kara Sea in this region.

This is not good for humanity

04 27 2018 Just discovered that a polar view of methane emissions is available on the new Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service! We haven't had an easily accessible polar view since Omar Cabrera quit operating his Methane Tracker.

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