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ALERT!!! Heavy gunfire at Saudi royal palace and possible coup

It is approximately 8 hours as I post this and I can find no mention of this event anywhere – not on Reuters or Radio NZ.

Omission of such an event, even if it’s only a mishap with a drone eliciting gunfire (lol) indicates a NEWS BLACKOUT.

But the story is carried here in great detail, courtesy of Hal Turner with a more reticent reporting from RT.

It is the one time I actually HOPE that Hal Turner is exaggerating out of all proportion because if he is near being right we are fucked and all Mike Ruppert’s predictions about the fall of the House of Saud.

We will have to keep a watch on this and while waiting ask why 8 hours after the event there is still no mention on Reuters.

NB I have not replicated the videos from Hal Turner's article but posted videos from off You Tube.


21 April, 2018

At about 2:45 PM Eastern US time Saturday, reports of "gunfire and explosions" at the Royal Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia started coming in.   Shortly thereafter, the palace itself reported that guards shot down a drone and there was nothing to be concerned about.  That statement by the Palace was false.

Video (below) proves there was very heavy and prolonged machine gun fire and several explosions at the Royal Palace.  A Coup is clearly being attempted!
Saudi Arabia now confirms that "an incident" caused the evacuation of King Salman to a military base where he is reported safe.

I cannot confirm that this is an attempted coup.  It may be some sort of ATTACK.  
Details are very sketchy right now, but updates will appear below as info becomes clearer.
 Second Video Confirms prolonged gunfire:

There is definitely fighting going on around the Palace of the Saudi King.

Some reports suggest a Palace coup.

But some sources claiming attack by Yemeni Houthis.

Situation is unclear....its night time and NO official reports are possible.

All sources are Saudis so far..

Third Video:

Now,  Fourth Video:

 UPDATE 5:35 PM EDT --
Clashes now between the Royal Guard forces and other unidentified forces with light and medium weapons.


View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Official statement: A security check point noticed an unlicensed commercial/drone flying in Al Khuzama area of & they acted according to procedures put in place for such incidents. An investigation is underway.

COVERT INTEL DIRECT FROM GOV'T INSIDERS: violent clashes ongoing between Salman's forces and other unidentified forces, believed to be affiliated with opposition Princes, who were urged to use rocket-propelled grenades.  Severely bad development, VERY destabilizing.


My former collegaues in the Intelligence Community have directly confirmed to me the following: "a senior ground force officer led a raid on the palace to kill the king and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman."
All social media have been shutdown in Saudi Arabia 


If King Salman dies, his son Muhamad Bin Salman would be the new King. If they are both dead at least three Royal factions, the Clergy leadership, several bedouin tribes, religious minorities (both Shia and Sunni), ethnic minorities and hundreds of disgruntled princes will start fighting for power.  Saudi Arabia would likely disintegrate overnight.  It would be much worse than the Syrian civil war and would affect global oil supplies immediately.
Whoever did this clearly comes from the multitude of entities/factions that stand to benefit if the King and his son get killed.  The fact that social media has been cut off inside Saudi Arabia means they are severely concerned this might trigger factional fighting even without the death of the King or his son.  This event is HUGELY destabilizing for that country and for the region.
This is going to have to be watched very closely over the next weeks.  Trouble like this just doesn't crop-up spontaneously; it is usually long-planned.  Whoever did this, will not give up.

Drone triggers gunfire outside royal palace in Riyadh (VIDEOS)

21 April, 2018

A number of videos have emerged online, showing heavy gunfire in the vicinity of the royal palace in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. The disturbance was caused by a small drone, which entered an off-limits zone, the police said.

The shooting incident occurred late on Saturday, triggering confusion on social media. While one of the initial reports suggested that the shooting erupted when the palace guards targeted a rogue drone which came too close to the king’s residence, some feared a terrorist attack or even an unfolding “coup.”

Footage purportedly taken at the scene shows military or emergency vehicles with their lights flashing. Multiple gunshots can be heard in the background. Saudi police later confirmed that the shooting was caused by a small commercial drone that entered an off-limits zone, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

An investigation into the identity of the drone's operator and motive has been launched.

BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports of a coup attempt in as gunfire is heard near the royal palace in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.

King Salman reportedly moved to a safe bunker, reportedly at a nearby Air Force base. Ongoing situation.

السعودية: فيديو يتداوله نشطاء لإطلاق النارالكثيف قرب قصر الملك سلمان في حي الخزامي بالرياض
Where would we be without our unlikely journalists reporting on what is unmentioned in our news? Here is Israeli News Live. This is from a whole 9 hours before my posting this.

Gun Battle Near Royal Palace Saudi Arabia or Toy Drone Targeted?.

Video footage of massive gunfire near the Royal Palace of Riyahd sent a whirlwind of speculations on social media. As we started the broadcast there we stories of coup and then while in the broadcast officials were saying it was toy drone shot down by the guard. But its night time and a lot of shots were fired for just a toy drone to be flying over head, how did the royal guard see to shoot the drone if it really was a drone?

OPCW not carrying out a very good investigation from the way Russia perceives it

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