Tuesday 23 December 2014

Tepco reports all fuel removed from Fukushima #4

Do we believe the official information from Tepco, or were Hatrick Penry and Mike Ruppert right?

I have included some of the material from a year ago.

All spent fuel removed from reactor 4 pool at Fukushima No. 1, Tepco says

Some of the last nuclear fuel rod assemblies to be removed from the teetering fuel pool above the No. 4 reactor are winched out of the heavily damaged building to a more secure facility in a transport container (center) Saturday at the Fukushima No. 1 plant. | POOL/KYODO

20 December, 2014

Tepco said Saturday it has finished removing all fuel rods from the spent-fuel pool in the shattered reactor 4 building at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, in a rare piece of positive news from the decommissioning process.

A total of 1,535 fuel rod assemblies, comprising 1,331 deemed at risk and 204 that were unused, have been transferred to other buildings following a yearlong process by Tokyo Electric Power Co., the beleaguered operator of the wrecked plant.

According to Tepco, this will reduce the risk of the spent fuel rods being exposed in the event of a new earthquake or a major accident.

Completion of the removal work is a milestone and I feel deeply about it,” plant chief Akira Ono told reporters, while stressing that the decommissioning of Fukushima No. 1 remains an extremely lengthy process.

The overall cleanup and dismantling of the plant, an operation that is expected to take decades, has been delayed by a relentless on-site buildup of toxic radioactive water.

Reactor 4 avoided a core meltdown when the tsunami spawned by the March 11, 2011, earthquake ripped through the No. 1 plant, as the unit was offline for a regular inspection and all of its fuel was stored in the pool on the upper level of the building.

But the building was torn apart by a hydrogen explosion just days later as the enormity of the nuclear crisis was only just becoming apparent. The over 1,500 fuel rod assemblies that continued to be stored at the top of the devastated structure had remained a major source of concern, in Japan and overseas.

Tepco hopes to begin extracting the fuel from the reactor 3 spent-fuel pool in the next fiscal year beginning in April, and to begin the same operation at reactor 1 during fiscal 2017. But it is unknown whether the work will follow that schedule given the sky-high radiation levels that continue to plague reactors 1 through 3, which each suffered core meltdowns, and which put the levels clocked in reactor 4 in the shade.

Hatrick Penry on inconsistencies and deception in Arnie Gundersen

This is an important video.

I have been waiting for a response to the latest video from Arnie Gundersen on the FOIA documents.

Here is the resonse from Hatrick Penry and these are comments by Mike Ruppert - 

"ARNIE GUNDERSON'S CREDIBILITY is evaporating faster than the water from Spent Fuel Pools.

"Hatrick Hattie Penry and I would have made a good team as honest detectives. He has ripped Gunderson's story to shreds, using Gunderson's own words. His own record.

"I think we all understand what's being hidden. We've all been dosed for two-plus years now. All the spent fuel pools are gone. Tokyo was not evacuated. The West Coast was not warned. And maybe 100 million or more have already been lethally affected. That's what Naoto Kan is lying about. That's what they're all lying about. Don't kid yourself for a second that it's insignificant that Arnie would go on Alex Jones' show and refuse to come on mine.

"The cover story is coming unraveled very, very quickly. Great job, Tony Muga."

The choice seems to come down to believing what Arnie Gumdersen and the authorities are saying (based on his reputation, but without any proof), or following the documentary evidence and coming to a contrary conclusion.

About Arnie Gundersen and the NRC FOIA documents

(Watch in 720p, full screen, pause to read)

According to one of the precepts to Zen Buddhism, when the need arises to be critical of a person or group I am to ask myself three things:
1) what is my motivation
2) what is the content of what I will be saying and
3) who am I speaking to?

My motive stems from a desire to save lives and prevent cancers by shutting down all nuclear power plants.The content is an examination of Mr. Arnie Gundersen's video of 12/11/13, some of his history and connections, and a rebuttal in the form of NRC FOIA evidence and my testimony. I am speaking to anyone concerned about Fukushima, Plume-Gate or nuclear power in general.

About Mr. Gundersen: First of all he is pro-nuclear. If you want to end nuclear power, consider supporting someone who is open and vocal about systematically shutting down, decommissioning all nuclear plants and dry-casking the fuel as soon as possible.This is simple logic.

Now, ask yourself why none of these groups or people did what I did to expose what is in the NRC FOIA documents? Why have they not 'showcased' or 'highlighted' Plume-Gate or the items on my 12 point list? Why do they promote the Unit 4 spent fuel offload hoax? Why did Arnie Gundersen 'accidentally' post redacted documents online he was allowed to see in the San Onofre case, almost having it thrown out of court?

Understand the job of controlled opposition. They want you to go to THEIR website, to THEIR documents and to THEIR disinformation (90% accurate/10% bunk). They want you to follow their 'truthers' and their 'alternative' media figureheads. They will not expose the worst-of-the-worst. They want to slow down the flow of information. It's a hoax. A con job. Always consider the billions and billions of dollars at the disposal of the energy companies. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Here is an article on Entergy spending millions to convince the public that relicensing Indian Point NPP is a good thing to do (yes it is an NRC FOIA document where you can see they are concerned about who is writing what about 

nuclear power).


Fukushima Unit 4 hoax underway 


Final analysis on Unit 4 hoax, evidence on Unit 3, Plume-Gate highlights 

Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition 

"Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed!!!" 

Here is my article on controlled opposition...learn my methods for identifying the shill networks "Operation Mockingbird Style YouTube and FaceBook Infiltrations Exposed!!!"


Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world's largest, provable cover-up (every point in my 12 point list can be found here with documentation)


Believe Mr. Gundersen or see for yourself... "Fear and Loathing on Fukushima Unit 4": 


Debunking 'Alternative' media disinformation on Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool: 


May 11th, 2012 prisonplanet complete episode:

Arnie Gundersen's video of 12/11/13


Here is the full Prisonplanet inteview with Arnie Gundersen, 11 May, 2012

Here is Hatrick Penry with Mike Ruppert - 

Michael Ruppert's The Lifeboat Hour with Hatrick Penry 12.1.13

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