Saturday 27 December 2014

Guy McPherson's climate update

Climate Update Part 1 - Guy McPherson - Deniers, New Zealand, Poignant Story

Climate Update Part 2 - Guy McPherson - We Have Ironic Fun

Climate Update Part 3 - Guy McPherson - Meeting Dahr Jamail & Other Fellow Climate Warriors

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  1. Welcome to the " Climate reality acceptance process" but it is reality. No one wants to hear this story, everyone has better things to do with their time. 'Courting' such as it is these days, the football/baseball/cricket/ debauchery/ gluttony ..whatever your poison is in the developed world where we might have jobs and discretionary income,this is just a downer, don't bring it up, we're here to have fun as is the right of the 1 or 2%. But if you live in Africa where food production is collapsing, Ebola raging or the cost of basic food staples skyrocketing climate change is here and now.
    I have followed Chris Hedges for many years and respect his judgement immensely. He has now accepted the inevitability of NTHE , as has Noam Chomsky, yet still as a gesture of participation in mitigating the disaster we are all apart of he and his family have become vegan's to reduce the breathtaking levels of ruminant methane being released by the industry that has no compunction in imprisoning millions of these sentient beings for our gratification.


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