Thursday, 14 September 2017

Rising methane levels

Methane levels over 2,000 ppb

Harold Hensel, via Facebook

Methane 09 13 2017. Excessive methane from over the dangerous Laptev and the East Siberian Sea is circled. 

The pink is over 2000ppb

The high is showing as 2337ppb

This is a long way from the 1250ppb energy balance for methane

We can expect the atmosphere to continue to heat up.

There are new people looking at this.

Methane has different mixing ratios with the air at different levels The scale is 1 to 100. 30,000 feet is 100. If a reading is taken a level 74, that is 74% of 30,000.This would be a methane reading at 22,200 feet. The amount of methane at that has mixed with the air at that level is what is being measured on this illustration.

Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen has established the energy or heat balance for methane. This balance is when as much heat is being trapped or absorbed as what is dissipating into space.

This balance is stable. Methane over 1250 ppb and heat builds up and becomes out of balance and unstable, Here is the scale. There should be no red on this map.

1250ppb is in the green and partial yellow area.

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