Monday 25 September 2017

'The Dotard effect'

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Dotard Effect’ with guests Mike Robinson, Basil Valentine

This week the SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE from Southwest England with host Patrick Henningsen joined in studio by Mike Robinsoneditor of the UK Column, covering the biggest international stories this week. In the first hour, we’ll cover the North Korea Crisis and Trump’s debacle at the UN General Assembly, and B-1 bomber nuke flyer over. What are the chances for diplomacy? Also, America’s increasingly loopy Russiaphobia rabbit hole, internet censorship and cultural and political speech monopoly of Google and Facebook and their mainstream media accomplices, and the deceptive “academic” projects designed to defame independent media outlets who dare to question the official myth of the White Helmets. We’ll also “unpack” (excuse our use of dumbed-down American pseudo-intellectual slang) the #BREXIT deception, as the smoke and mirrors in Westminster continues, and why Britain will remain in the EU after all the theatrics have passed, and the Kurdish Referendum too and what it means, also with US and its SDF proxies in Syria caught aiding and abetting ISIS again. In the final hour, we may try and connect with SUNDAY WIRE roving correspondent for Culture & Sport, Basil Valentine live from the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, England – where Corbyn Mania continues, along with week’s most shocking stories in internationally, including Tony Blair’s new political party (?). Enjoy the show…

Listen to "Episode #203 - SUNDAY WIRE: 'The Dotard Effect' with guests Mike Robinson, Basil Valentine" on Spreaker.

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