Saturday 30 September 2017

Trump and the Fouth Reich in America

Assessing the Trump phenomenon

I have decided to forget the rest of the world for a while and take a little while to assess, or rather, reassess, the Donald Trump phenomenon.

What I have observed is that, apart from a tiny minority, people base their opinions on a simplistic basis based on a visceral response based on a dualistic good vs.evil basis.

The trouble with such analysis based on ‘what is right’ practised, from what I can see, by all liberals, is that it is almost NEVER correct.

I will give it to the detractors that the administration of Donald J. Trump is bad in a way that we have never seen before.

Three quotes (all from Guy McPherson) come to mind:

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Each president of the United States is worse than the one that preceded it

Donald J Trump is a perfect reflection of American society.

Now, of course, with the help of the entire lamestream media's constant propaganda, as well as censoring of alternative views, we are seeing a rewriting of history.

I would like to recommend that you listen to Debbie Sane Progressive as a reminder of certain facts.

The disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq were brought to us by George Bush Jr.and now continued by his successors. He also brought us extraordinary rendition and torture as well as the Patriot Act.

Obama brought the catastrophes of, first Libya and then Syria. He was the first to jail more whistleblowers than anyone before him. He also brought in indefinite detention-enshrined in law and the concept of a weekly meeting to decide who he was going to murder-by-remote control.

Finally the one hope that Americans might have had was dashed when Bernie Sanders’ campaign was destroyed by electoral fraud and endless lies described so well by Sane Progressive.

The ensuing election brought about the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump was elected instead.

The Trump phenomenon was the revenge of the working class in America, who have seen their jobs and living standards destroyed by NAFTA and neo-liberal policies of the past 25 years or so.

The cry was ‘make America great again.’

Of course that was always a delusion. America was never (and IS never) going to be a great again. 

America is a rapacious empire that spends about 90 percent of its budget on ‘defence’ and about 10 times what its nearest rivals, Russia and China, spend.

It is an empire that is on the way out.

Looking from the outside, there were some things that were fascinating and not entirely negative. That this was a uniquely American-style revolution that was setting out to ‘clear the swamp’ was no bad thing, at least in theory.

Trump was also unique in pointing out that the economy was in “terrrible shape,” to use his words.

But the main thing was that at a time when it looked as if things couldn’t get any worse on the geopolitical front (which, as an outsider, I am most interested in), Trump was promising to speak to Putin and the Russians and make common ground on the fight against ISIS. It was this that had rational analysts like Prof. Stephen Cohen at least partially onside.

None of us could ever have foreseen the reaction from the political elite (Republican and Democrat), the media and the Deep State and the ease with which they were able to bring about a “soft coup” which left Trump in power but totally neutralised and powerless.

Never has there been such a rapid counter-revolution in history.

I have been following this coup for several months now and that has led me to listen to voices from the ‘alt-right’ - not because I ever supported them, but because they brought certain truths to the table that should be listened to in an attempt to make a realistic analysis of events.

Trump was always a narcissist and not really qualified to govern - at least from the point-of-view of the ruling elite and ‘Deep State’.

The warnings were there back in April or so when Trump bombed the Syrian army to look tough and then hobnobbed with the worst-of-the-worst, the Israelis and the Saudis.

We could hardly have foreseen that Trump would be so easily neutralised and essentially ruled by what could be seen as a Junta of generals that he himself brought in.

Next was his nazi-like outburst at the United Nations threatening the regime of Kim Jong-un with destruction through sanctions if possible, by nuclear war if necessary, accompanied by aggressive actions against the Russians in recent days and threats against the Iranians.

Now Trump has truly beocme someone who is, to the extent it is possible, the worst of all options and is liklely to take take us to Oblivion

To the extent that this has anything to do with Trump, I should have paid more attention to what he said about North Korea and Iran and somewhat less about ‘doing business’ with Vladimir Putin.

Especially after events at Charlottesville, and after certain folk bought the idea that a handful of KKK nazis were the greatest danger facing the nation and adopting Antifa was the answer, I have lost some significant ‘friends’ whom I have not heard from in some time. 

Then still more, after the controversy that has surrounded Guy McPherson in recent weeks has led to me shedding still more 'friends'.

The atmosphere is febrile and very polarised (the very stuff of civil war) and I can detect that there are people who have bought into the rewriting of recent history and are receding into a position supporting the fascists of the “Left” against the “nazis” of the Right.

At the moment I am looking as a somewhat horrified-but-unengaged observer from afar that (apologies to my American friends) looks forward to an end to the American Empire – and that means the collapse, politically, socially and economically, of the United States itself.

Once that happens, of course the consequences will come immediately to the Edge of Empire.

Now we are observing the horrors that come with the rapid disruption of the world climate and the quick destruction, one-after-another, of several islands of the Caribbean, most recently the US territory of Puerto Rico.

That has given us a chance to see Trump in action as the person he always was – narcissistic, uncaring and a liar - who when finally persuaded after a week that some action needed to be taken, was self- congratulatory, even while people are dying as they have, before that, in Texas and Florida.

I have looked in recent days for even a single word of compassion or anything else from the likes of Alex Jones or anyone from the ‘alt-right’. Instead they have been obsessed with football and whether people are standing or kneeling for the national anthem.


The response from the other side is equally false and nauseating.

I have changed many of my views and view certain things – such as the collapse of the industrial economy  - as inevitable but have not, up to now, lost the dual qualities of compassion and empathy.

Unfortunately I can see that such attitudes are becoming as extinct as the dodo.

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