Saturday 31 December 2016


This is possibly one of the most significant interviews of 2016 in which Peter Wadhams brings us up-to- date with the collapse of Arctic sea ice in winter (which is unprecedented and unpredicted) and all that it means for changes in global climate.

Both Peter and Jennifer talk about this in a way that I accessible to everyone.
Jennifer Hynes interviews Prof. Peter Wadhams on Arctic sea ice collapse and abrupt climate change

This You Tube video is not available in this country (and presumably elsewhere) because of “copyright”.

If so listen directly to the audio from Extinction Radio. Thanks to Jennifer Hynes and to Mike Ferrigan

To listen to the interview GO HERE

Do not miss the other interviews, including with Paul Beckwith and Tim Garret.


Much of the first half-hour of the interview is concerned with Donal Trump and the politics of mitigation (geoengineering).

I have extracted the scientific part of the discussion on collapse of the sea ice, methane emissions and what is happening in the Antarctic


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  1. Jennifer... Like you and Peter, I consider the CH4 issue as being one of, if not the most serious vectors to AGW. Of course, WE all know about this issue and about multiple and increasing positive feedback loops in play, but the public at large are totally ignorant to all this.

    Peter is covering all the angles. He mentions frequently about population growth , which again is mostly underplayed by MSM.

    I am glad also, that you have covered Antarctica as well... This is a major bone of contention to deniers, who always sight it as the mediating force, grabbing onto spurious theories that the Antarctic ice sheet 'waxes and wanes'... Which of course is the case, but it is the average mass, that is important. Peter again addresses how the Antarctic ice mass is complex and has been difficult to analyse until the advent of the new satellites. Recent research appears to be showing the trend that in fact some glaciers and ice shelves are under-melting from warming ocean currents.

    The final part of this excellent interview, cuts to the chase... Again, Peter hits the nail bang on, with his explanation of the speed at which anthropogenic induced global warming has transpired, through our ignorance. I made a comparison study, not so long back by overlaying populace increase since the mid 1800's and the current level. This exponential curve more or less follows the trends of many of the anthropogenic vectors currently in play. Again, It was good to hear Peter talk of the 'exponential' being widespread in this sad story.

    Peter also explains the difference between the K-T (K-Pg) extinction event and the contemporary 6th MEE. Specifically the time frames involved. I often use, in my educational talks with people, the 3rd (P-Tr) MEE (The Great Dying) and the aforementioned 5th MEE. It is perhaps not surprising how little people know or understand MEE's in general. Even the number of MEE's is contentious, although I tend to just illuminate the widely regarded 5(6) events...

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill... ''... It is perhaps not the end, but the beginning of the end...'' Like many of our contemporaries, I am firmly in the belief that we are seeing the start of the 'End Game'. I have felt this way for quite some time, so by the time I went online permanently and thus networked with all the groups/sites that I now follow, I realised I was already committed to NTHE, before I'd even heard of the term... Thus coming to terms has been a gradual process, that has allowed me to 'acclimatize' (sorry...) to the notion that we are on the list of species destined for extinction. But alas, most of my (corporeal) friends remain in denial.

    Jennifer, that was a REALLY good interview. Though obviously not particularly astounding per se, to my ears... But I think what you are doing in raising awareness is admirable. Well done! Also, I've always respected Peter Wadhams views, however outspoken or controversial he appears to others (...I revel in the outspoken controversy).

    But this information really needs to be brought to a wider audience. Especially the CH4 clathrate dissemination issue... With the potential 5-700 Gt of the stuff locked up in those rapidly thawing sediments (AND land based permafrost regions...), when this starts to gas-off in earnest, then conditions on earth will become intolerable for most life forms.

    Not that I think anyone of 'importance' will listen...

    Anyway... Despite the doom, I hope you have a peaceful year ahead... Though I feel you will be busy.


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