Tuesday 20 December 2016

‘Syria’s Truth’

Episode #165 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Syria’s Truth’ with guests Subrata Ghoshroy, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley

Listen to "Episode #165 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Syria's Truth' with guests Subrata Ghoshroy, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley" on Spreaker.

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is on the road broadcasting LIVE from the Valley of the Sun. This week host Patrick Henningsen covers this week’s top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour we’ll cover the avalanche of ‘Russian Hacking’ hysteria in America, and  Then we’ll be joined by MIT research affiliate and a former US Congressional staffer, Subrata Ghoshroy, to discuss his research into the 2013 chemical weapons attackin East Ghouta, Damascus, and how gathering information and data from a war zone continues to be a pivotal issue around the Syrian issue in 2017.

Afterwards, we talk to independent journalist Eva Bartlett about the US Coalition and mainstream media’s diplomatic crisis over Aleppo, and the mainstream’s latest engineered “fake news” crisis.

After that, we’re joined by 21WIRE special contributor, Vanessa Beeley, on the ground this week in Damascus (see her DONATE button, left) as she investigates Syria’s 5 year war on the ground, and new evidence showing the “moderate rebels” using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians, as well as exposing the deceptive narratives coming out of Washington, London and Paris.


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