Friday 30 December 2016

Living With Meaning

Stephen Jenkinson: Living With Meaning

On this site we discuss the large predicaments the world faces. A question that often arises, especially at our annual seminars is: Given these challenges, how should I be? What outlook and behaviors will better help me meet what's coming?

This week's podcast gets quite existential. Chris sits down with Stephen Jenkinson, an author and thinker who a number of Peak Prosperity readers have requested come on the show. Jenkinson's specialization is grief and dying -- through his decades of work in these fields, he has developed a series of observations on what it means to live, and thereby die, with meaning.

A heads up: the path of this conversation is somewhat metaphysical and may not be everyone's cup of tea. But the topics addressed are important; ones our society needs to start having some honest discussion about. Things like how to face our mistakes, errors and shortcomings openly -- as with addiction, only with acknowledgement and acceptance of our condition can we then move on to self-betterment.

Jenkinson observes how, culturally, we are so averse to unpleasantness that we suppress the very conditions that are necessary for positive transformation.


  1. Hi Robin. Kim in Sydney here. Just commenting to connect with you, and let you know I think if you, your wife, your horse, your dog, and send whatever blessings my consciousness can throw in your direction. I need to watch this video, because I think I will be glad for the information and perspective and harmony. But I am still recovering from Gail Z's blog post about David T Lange.

    May 2017 be not more than you can handle. For all of us.

    With great warmth, Kim/Phorus/Hecate

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts. What was the Gail Z blog about?


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