Monday, 15 August 2016

Storms in the Arctic


Winds are approximately 50 km/hr

Comments from Mark Richardson on Facebook

Barometric pressure shows a large low pressure center over the Arctic, which in the northern hemisphere spins counter-clockwise. Climate Reanalyzer. Another large low-pressure center southeast of Greenland is drawing warm air and warm rain into Iceland and southeastern Greenland.

Surface wind, Climate Reanalyzer. Shows fairly strong wind moving west to east along the Siberian coastline then turning 180 degrees and impacting the remaining ice sheet north or northeast of the McKenzie River Delta.

 Actual sea temperature, Climate Reanalyzer, shows where the remaining ice has recently suffered considerable breakup north of Alaska and north of the MacKenzie River delta.

Levels of CO2 are very high in the Arctic

Temperatures in the region are fairly mild

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