Tuesday 23 August 2016

Following up from yesterday

Following on from yesterday’s rant, My ongoing saga with quacks

I’m not sure if I’m capable of much more today.

A visit to the quack – a follow-up

Last night I expressed my doubts about a visit to "Dr.Julie" after a couple of previous experiences where her response to going through my health situation was to hand me a link to an online survey on depression.

Well, I turned up with a straightforward request for help with my sleep. 

She had responded to my request for a replacement prescription with a script for 8 pills of that I had previously been given and was doubtful about.

She didn't ask me a single question about my sleep or why the tablets didn't work. 

Not one.

Instead "Dr. Julie" was on to another tack altogether. "You had blood tests done. They came back negative. You've seen the hospital - they disgnosed "chronic fatigue" (that was a new one on me!)

She then wanted to venture her opinion.

I went on to express MY opinion - very emphatically, but not aggressively saying "I'm not interested in your opinion. You're not my doctor. I'll wait to discuss my case with him"

That was enough to end her rushing out of the room.

Poor dear! Her ego was challenged.

Finally she came back for a second go, to ask me what I wanted. What tablets did I want? Something that works, I don't know much about sleeping tablets.

"Clearly they weren't working for you" , she opined. "What do you want?"

"Sleeping tablets. You've taken them. They are not right for you".

She then started to itemise the medicines that might be appropriate.

Anti- psychotics

Now even I know that benzodiazapines are not the only sleeping tablet on the market - even in this country.

"I'm not interested in fucking anti-histamines"

This sent her rushing out of the room screaming "I won't take swearing!"

This time she returned back with the charge nurse.  By now I was ready to tell Dr. Julie a few hometruths about how I had been affected by her the last time I saw her but didn't get the chance as she rushed out of the room.

"Would you like someone else? Dr Kusel is in in the afternoon"

"He's the one I was contemplating taking a complaint against for coming to conclusiosn without once reading my file (and then going on to bribing me with free treatments.

Then there's Dr...(?) who looks as if he's straight off the dairy farm and can't identify a swollen ankle.

No thanks, I'll wait till my doctor gets back.

And I walked out.

It seems we patients have to walk carefully over the eggshells of doctors' egoes.

I'll have to go to go to "Plan B" with something on the edge of legality that works.

Otherwise I can imagining beaming myself up in a puff of helium.

I have written about this previously

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