Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Paul Beckwith on the Global Climate Change Emergency

Paul Beckwith's Case for Declaration of Global Climate Emergency


Our planet and its life support systems have been very resilient for eons. Not any more.

We are now suffering “death by one thousand cuts”, as our biosphere is taking continuous hits. Our planets stability is spiralling out of control as we transition through highly nonlinear abrupt climate change.

Wake up and smell the roses, while they still exist.

Part one

Part two

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  1. The "The Run Away Global Climat Destruction" demand that the world declare that we are in a state of war ! I is a State of War against the superexplotation of Oil & Coal that is on its way of killing all life on the planet. Big Oil & Big Coal has to be "Inter Nacionalized" under a internacional independent body headed by the best Climate scientist there is. I have limited confidence in the UN and the US ! They are too corrupted!


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