Monday 27 May 2013

Mike Ruppert on the Lifeboat Hour

Water and Shadows


– Have you noticed how tense and edgy everything is? Have you seen irritability quotients soaring? The times are getting harder. It is beginning to really sink in that not only is Near Term Extinction a possibility, it is likely… and that the human race waited too long to bite the bullet and do the hard things, the things it has been trained and taught to be afraid of doing.

Now, (apparently all of a sudden) it has become clear that fresh water – or the lack thereof – may be one of the most important threats we face. The infinite-growth corporate paradigm is rushing openly and brutally to control fresh water sources that are rapidly disappearing. And on taking inventory we are finding out that there’s a lot less water than we have been led to believe. What’s left is being privatized and commodified – or poisoned by fracking and shale oil – rapidly.

We’ll have some help getting through this with a clip from a recent fabulous Joe Rogan podcast featuring Graham Hancock, and the legendary Bob Marley. We will also face and examine a very dark shadow which emerged this week in Boulder, Colorado. And we will look at a topic which can no longer be ignored: self defense.

There may be a place that we hope for, in which we will all someday live without fear, where love and unity govern. But to get there we have to walk through the shadows that live in our own interiors. Consciousness governs reality. Shadows (the things we don’t see or acknowledge) are also consciousness. What is happening in the world right now is that events are dragging these shadows up as hard lessons to be faced in our search for the Hundredth Monkey, and evolution.

--- Mike Ruppert

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  1. Oh My God!
    and I know the back story that goes with this.
    Even before hearing this I knew we are in some strange days.


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