Thursday 30 May 2013

Anonymous releases more info on EDL racists

#OpEDL Mass Data Leak #Anonymous #Operation_EDL [part 2]

29 May, 2013

And thus... Day 3 of #OpEDL begins!
| EDL - Expect Mor
| Greetz from the Internet                                        
| >>  #AnonymousUK   <<
| In collaboration with #ZHC
| Kudos to #TeaMp0isoN for older leaks
|  #OpEDL @Op__EDL              
| What this leak contains:
| Fresh new phone numbers of EDL hierachy (Leaders & important figures)
| Republished EDL forum emails and passwords and phone numbers
| Some added extras exposing the true nature of the EDL...
| Don't forget to check out yesterday's release:
| They should have expected us:                                                                                                                                           
Today's leak is short and sweet but has a nice kick, expect more soon again ofcourse...
For as long as the EDL spread their hate, OpEDL will expose their leading members
to be the fascists, racists [and pedophiles! see last part of paste] that they are.
We will not allow you to capitalise on the Woolwich atrocity.
Tea, biscuits and open discussion is the way forward.
Note: Member's of the EDL have threatened to release members of Anonymous personal details (good luck with that LOL)
So let this be a warning, for every ONE personal detail the EDL publishes, we will publish TEN numbers of the EDL, including other personal details.
You have been warned.
Not that the silly cunts will manage even one though, anyway, now to the fun...
Fresh EDL phone numbers of the EDL hierachy:
All numbers listed here are of highly active EDL members among their lower leadership structure:
Ipswich EDL
Rob "english" Boon  - 07591141844
London EDL
Steve Crispin - 07801437027
Glasgow SDL
Chic Hawkins - 07903223959
Birmingham EDL
Robert downey - 07850024991
Newcastle EDL
Paul Lambert - 07530054961
Barry Bell newcastle edl 07552517822
Leeds EDL
Don Gold  - 07585184442
Liverpool EDL
Matt Wood - 07960834670
Reading EDL
Shane Saxon - 07796257849
Wolverhampton EDL
Dan Cobra coleman - 07725953097
Manchester EDL
Dave"edlnfse safe" Short - 07552837648
Essex EDL
Richard Smith - 07846671700
Plymouth EDL
Micheal O'Neill -  07851891111
 ernesettle, plymouth
Nottinghamshire EDL
Mark Rowan
Plainspot Road
Bradford EDL
 Mick Osborne
Allen Croft Road,
Republication to help spread EDL info that may otherwise go un-noticed at this time:
Very large dump of EDL phone numbers, old leak so unconfirmed if all still working:
Respect to TeaMp0isoN for this:
Pictures speak a thousand words, some of the best examples of the EDL exposing themselves as racists, fascists, idiots and even pedophiles online:
Either found by or sent to @Op__EDL, feel free to contribute.
EDL revealing their true colours on social media:
EDL London panic on Facebook:
Tommy Robbinson killing his own anti-burkha arguement with EDL-brand balaclavas:
EDL Sunderland panic on Facebook:
EDL showing their respect for British culture and British listed buildings:
EDL forum member shows their racism and complete lack of understanding:
EDL show how truely 'not racist' they are by chanting "Send the Black Cunts Home!": (Newcastle's Woolwich reactionary demo)
Now infamous EDL Nazi; Wayne Baldwin, exposure of him lead to exposure of many Nazi sympathisers within the EDL back in 2010:
Here come's an interesting bit, members of the EDL, staunchly against 'mussie grooming pedos' like to partake a bit themselves!
This is only just a snippet
Looks like EDL member 'Tony Bcfc Kro Greene' has a thing for younger EDL girls,
This was a honey-pot account before anyone gets worried for her safety.
Turns out Tony isn't the only EDL member with a taste for younger EDL girls,
Michael "u gona lick my balls" Thomas Southall
91 Slade Road, Erdington, heres his number 07553745025
This was a honey-pot account again the same age as the one 'Tony Bcfc Kro Greene' fell for.
Here's another EDL member who goes by the name of 'Bluenoce Ray BCFC'
Here are some screenshots of his antics:
And ofcourse, how could we not include this old gem from @EDLTRobinson
So much more coming soon..
This is just another round of releases, many more to come.
EDL - Expect More.

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