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Ukrainian update - -5/28/2014

'Civil war metastasizing in Ukraine, US silent on civilian casualties'

Despite dozens of bodies being taken to the morgue in Donetsk, the Ukrainian government is denying that innocent locals are among the casualties in the army operation. The army's supporters in the US also deny that government troops are to blame.
RT asked Globalist Research Center analyst, Martin Sieff, why the US is keeping so quiet about the civilian cost of Ukraine's military operation. He said it's because Washington has been caught off guard.

Interesting interview of Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic

Tonight the Russian TV showed a rather interesting live interview of Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister of the self-declared "Donetsk People's Republic". .

Alexander Borodai interviewed while protected by his anti-sniper team

Here is a summary of his statements: 

  • There are no combats inside Donetsk proper.
  • The DPR forces fully control all of the city.
  • The Right Sector fully controls the airport.
  • The junta's air force make regular overflights of the city of Donetsk but they are not bombing or conducting air strikes.
  • The Ukrainian military tries to avoid combat with the forces of the DPR, but they are forced to do so by the Right Sector death squads who threaten them and their families.
  • The DPR forces are also trying to avoid engaging the Ukrainian military.
  • There are no negotiations between the DPR and Kiev, only regular exchanges of prisoners.
  • Kiev regularly sends negotiators to try to make a deal, but the DPR officials demand a full withdrawal of all Ukrainian forces from the DPR before any negotiations can take place.
  • Donetsk is fully surrounded.  Banks to not function any more.  All roads are closed, and only a few vehicles can enter or leave the city.
  • Many mines are on strike and miners are organizing a protest meeting.

May 28th combat SITREP by 


Донецк 28 мая / Выстрелы и взрывы слышны сейчас в Рубежном / 28.05.2014

  • Heavy bombardment at night and early morning in Rubezhnoye in Lugansk Oblast. Civilian casualties unknown.
  • More scattered fighting and probes around Slavyansk last night and this morning.
  • Donetsk residents are actively assisting the Fed units in building barricades on city streets and setting up fighting positions.
  • Reports of more fighting in the Donetsk Airport area last night and dawn this morning.
  • Terminal at Donetsk Airport heavily damaged in the fighting Monday.
  • Probes in scattered areas around Lugansk City. No reports of results or casualties, civilian or military.
  • Situation in Mariupol is unknown.
  • Email yesterday 23:07 local time from Donetsk Oblast, simple and terse: 'We are at war. Pray for us.' No word since as of 09:12 local time.

Ukrainian nationalism: an image is worth a thousand words

Normally, when somebody is presented a sword or another weapon, it is the person accepting the gift which is supposed to stand on his knees to receive it, not the person giving it.  But in Banderastan, things are always the opposite of what they should be.

Check out the photo below.  It shows a Ukie general standing on his knees to offer a sword to John F. Tefft, US Ambassador to the Ukraine (now retired):

From the servant to the master
Amazing, no?

Even more telling is that this picture was taken in November of 2013, right before the current crisis began.  As for Ukie sources, they say that this photo shows the moment when Tefft, whose name is often mentioned as the next US Ambassador in Russia, is being received into the Ukrainian Cossacks as a "kind Baptist and US Ambassador". 

What can I say? "Glory to the Ukraine, to the heroes glory!"?

The Saker

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