Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The European elections

It is not at all a surprise that people in Europe have turned away en masse from traditional parties that support the EU super-state. On a purely sentimental level I can resonate with the Swedish lady in the RT clip who wants to live in the same country she grew up in.

Unfortunately those time (linked with plentiful energy and a stable climate) have gone forever.

I do wonder how long it will be before the unelected masters of Brussels decide they can do away with the fig-leaf of elections.

No one is reporting that the Greens (at least in Britain where they are not linked with the powers-that-be) have also increased their vote.

Vote casts doubts of EU's democracy - a warning to Brussels'

Europe's leaders are getting together to discuss the election jolt they got from eurosceptic and far-right parties in the EU poll. Some have already voiced their concerns with the outcome with the German Chancellor calling the people's choice both remarkable, and regrettable. Armin Steuernagel from the movement

From the left-leaning 'the Real News'

EU Election Results Reflect Widespread Disapproval Of Austerity Policy Throughout Europe

Professors Trevor Martin & John Weeks talk about the gains of right-wing parties and the prospects for a progressive EU

Voters Reject Traditional Left Parties In EU Parliament Elections

Michael Hudson says that the nationalist parties will not challenge austerity policy in Europe despite widespread discontent with economic policy

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