Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ukraine update

Events in Donetsk

If we are to believe the Twitter feed things don't seem to be going so well in Donetsk. Things should be clearer in a few hours when we get RT coverage

Note: I think both these "tweeters' are on the side of the Ukrainian government.

Short message from "Juan"

"Another long night. As of this time, 06:14 local time, the Grad system has not fired. Bombardment of civilian areas stopped at 03:00 31.05.14 and resumed at 06:00 this morning."

Dan Peleschuk @dpeleschuk May 29
Vostok Battalion gunmen seal off #Donetsk rebel

In central : truckloads of former barricades driven away after apparent seizure of rebel HQ by Vostok Bat.

: the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine is in total chaos, scenes of looting at local store

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