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Ayatollah Khatami says Tel Aviv and Haifa will be destroyed if Israel acts "foolishly"

I am posting this because I thought it was interesting. How true it is I have no way of knowing.

Hal Turner proved to be spectacularly wrong in his version of the Netanyahu-Putin meeting. Instead of saying NO Putin appears to have played the role of appeaser to genocidal maniac, Netanyahu.

Netanyahu gave the instructions to attack from on board his plane returning from Moscow!

Khatami: Tel Aviv, Haifa Will Be Destroyed if Israel Acts 'Foolishly . . ." - And Israel just handed Iran the way to do it!
11 May, 2018
A senior Iranian cleric said on Friday that if Israel acts "foolishly," Tel Aviv and Haifa would be destroyed.  Sadly, the ill-advised Israeli preemptive attack upon Syrian and Iranian forces has handed the Iranians the keys to do exactly that.
The Israeli attack earlier this week has proven to be an unmitigated disaster, not only for Israel, but for the U.S. and NATO as well.  You see, the Israelis used advanced American military technology and hit targets that were intentionally set up and waiting to be hit; because they were surrounded by signals intelligence gearto grab -- and instantly relay -- CRUCIAL military secrets before the bombs actually struck.
America and NATO now have a military technology NIGHTMARE on our hands, thanks to Israel.
 The hard-line cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami brazenly boasted today in Iran, saying"We will expand our missile capabilities despite Western pressure ... to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be totally destroyed . . ." 
That's a pretty ballsy statement to make just a couple days after his forces got the shit kicked out of them in Syria.  Turns out, he has ample reason to be so ballsy.
I have to be careful here because I don't want to give away anything that has not already been lost, but I need to explain some things to you in order for you to be able to process this in-context.  Rest assured I am completely cognizant of the sensitivity surrounding discussions of military technology; I would  N E V E R  do anything to betray my country or to endanger our armed forces.  


Let's begin with some basic fact about the Israeli attacks in Syria.
Early in the day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu departed for a meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The topic was to be Syria.  Israel wanted a green light from Russia to attack and Russia said "no."
At about 11:50 AM Eastern US Daylight TIme (EDT) Netanyahu departed the Meeting with Putin.   No joint press conference.  No joint statement.  Both very bad signs. Worse, upon that departure, Putin ORDERED an EMERGENCY RUSSIAN SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING to discuss Israeli Military Actions.   
Once outside Russia Air space, Netanyahu made three encrypted phone calls.  He then made over four un-encrypted calls to media and such in Israel.
Less than an hour later, my Intel sources on the ground reported:
12:52 PM EDT -- Israel had begun mobilizing heavy armor into the Golan Heights. 

These are NOT the type of things one sees to defend against missile attacks from Iranian missiles in Syria; they're the type of things one sees prior to an INVASION.
At 2:42 PM EDT, my intel sources confirmed Israeli jets were entering Lebanon air space toward Syria.  Four minutes later, at 2:46 PM EDT, other intel sources confirmed to me that Syria anti-aircraft radar had "lit-up" and were tracking "an air-launched object over Quneitra Province."
By 3:10 PM EDT, my intel sources confirmed  A "Decoy missile was intercepted east of Damascus; possible harassing action to try to determine location of Anti-Aircraft Defenses.  NO TARGETS HIT. "
At 4:28 PM EDT, Netanyahu's plane landed back in Israel.
Fifteen minutes later at 4:50 PM EDT my sources confirmed:
For 40 minutes, the Israeli tanks shown above, fired at Syrian and Iranian forces inside Syria -- and got NO RETURN FIRE. None!
At 5:41 PM EDT, Israel began launching multiple "TAMAZ" missiles directly at Syrian Army in the area around Ba'Ath City.
At that point, having been under almost continuous tank fire for almost an hour, and now being under missile attack, the Syrian Army and its allies from Iran, fired back.
At that point, numerous Israeli fighter jets entered the fray and bombings were in progress.  Anti-aircraft defenses on both sides were locking-on to various objects in the sky and actual COMBAT was taking place.
Around 6:30 PM EDT, Israel began saying 
"We've been attacked by Iranian forces."  Minutes later they updated this position to "We consider this an act of war against Israel by Iran and Syria."
Are you with me so far?   Israel attacked.  Then increased its attacks. When the Syrians/ Iranians returned fire, Israel actually had the balls to tell the world that ISRAEL had been attacked.  A complete, total lie.


By now, most of you have seen this widely publicized Israeli missile attack video.  The Israelis proudly show this to the world to brag about the sophistication of their weapons, and their military superiority. 
But to those in the Intelligence field, THIS was an unmitigated disaster.  Take a look for the short 5 seconds:

Notice anything strange?  Maybe go watch it again . . .
OK, for starters, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND parks a missile launcher out in the open for it to be hit?  Yet this vehicle is out in the wide open . . . all alone.   Why?
Because it was a "Honey Pot."  It was MEANT to be attacked!   
Next, where is the vehicle crew?   If you noticed, they were already standing over 100 feet AWAY from the missile launcher truck!  Why?   
Because the crew KNEW the truck was MEANT to get attacked, and they had to be away from it!
As the missile comes in really close to the truck, just before impact, look carefully at the windshield and driver side window in the cab of the truck . . . Looks like it is covered by some coating.  Maybe soot from previous rocket launches?  NO.
Laser sensor lining!   The windows are blocked inside by a special type of sensor material designed to pick-up certain ranges of laser emissions and feed the light wavelength and data streams within the light (if any) into an onboard computer - or in this case, a radio relay unit which broadcasts instantly to a nearby receiver for storage.!
That sensor lining was being directly hit by the Israeli fighter jet Laser Designator. The technology used by the US and NATO to guide precision munitions to the target.


A laser designator is a laser light source which is used to designate a target. Laser designators provide targeting for laser-guided bombs, missiles, or precision artillery munitions, such as the Paveway series of bombs, AGM-114 Hellfire, or the M712 Copperhead round, respectively.
When a target is marked by a designator, the beam is invisible and does not shine continuously. Instead, a series of coded pulses of laser-light are fired. These signals bounce off the target into the sky, where they are detected by the seeker on the laser guided munition, which steers itself towards the center of the reflected signal.
Unless the people being targeted possess laser detection equipment (like the kind plainly visible in the windows of this truck) or can hear aircraft overhead, it is extremely difficult for them to tell whether they are being marked or not. Laser designators work best in clear atmospheric conditions. Cloud cover, rain or smoke can make reliable designation of targets difficult or even impossible.
The U.S. Air Force selected the Lockheed Martin's Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) in 2004. It equipped multiple USAF platforms such as the F-16, F-15E, B-1, B-52, and A-10C. It also operates on multiple international fighter platforms. The U.S. Navy currently employ LITENING and ATFLIR targeting pods on a variety of strike aircraft. The Litening II is widely used by many other of the world’s air forces. The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force use the Litening III system and the French use the Damocles and ATLIS II.
The wavelength, power emissions and any data streams of these designators are among the most closely guarded secrets in our military.  If an adversary was to determine the exact wavelength of our targeting laser systems, or any potential data stream within the laser emission, that adversary could jam the laser targeting system! 
Worse, they could develop their own laser systems, more powerful, to fire a decoy laser beam and literally "hijack" US or NATO guided munitions; causing them to fall harmlessly away from the intended target!!!
Well, guess what?   Unlike the US which very carefully scrutinizes targets before we hit them, the Israelis didn't stop to think why this target was being offered up to them on a silver platter.  In their arrogance at having American High-Technology, they never bothered to consider they were being set-up.   They were.
Intelligence sources have told me directly the attack upon this particular truck was an unmitigated disaster.  The Truck contained laser sensor gear and was directly hit for several seconds with the Israeli laser designator.  Only milliseconds were needed to get a full understanding of the laser designator, and now, thanks to Israel, both Iran and Russia know exactly what wavelength, what data streams and what power levels are used by this targeting equipment.  
WORSE . . . Israel used a precision weapon with a nose cone camera so they could watch the missile as it homed-in.  Those cameras transmit video back to the plane and to military bases via SATELLITE.  
Nearby radio equipment just off-camera from the truck, could determine that Satellite frequency, the type of modulation used, and other critical information as the missile got closer and closer.  The satellite uplink signal would grow exponentially more powerful in the seconds before impact, then vanish upon detonation.  Thus, the radio equipment just off-camera, now has our video uplink frequencies for ALL Israeli, American and NATO precision weapon uplinks.
Way to go Israel.  You just compromised decades of research and development work and tens of millions of dollars in development costs.   The icing on the cake . . . . Israel now also exposed ALL NATO precision weapons to hacking and real-time hijacking through video link frequencies.  thanks to Israel, we now have to change ALL our currently DEPLOYED weapons to fix this breach in our information security. 
Now that Russia and Iran have this technical information, they can take immediate interim actions to directly interfere with the effectiveness of our weapons worldwide.
All because some paranoid Israelis, blinded with power and loaded with bloodlust, decided they could do whatever the hell they wanted.  Fucking morons.
So when the Ayatollah Khatami stood up today and told Israel that Haifa and Tel Aviv will be destroyed if Israel acts foolishly; he knows what he's talking about.  For the technology that Iran and Russia just retrieved via Israel's reckless, unnecessary, preemptive attack, has given Iran and Russia the keys to properly aiming THEIR missiles, while simultaneously jamming OURS.
I thought all of you should you should know these things.

Meanwhile RT is decidedly less interested in condemning an act of war which they greenlighted than defending the reputation of their bit of military hardware.

'It was either disabled or out of ammo': How Israelis hit the Syrian SA-22 air defense system

'It was either disabled or out of ammo': How Israelis hit the Syrian SA-22 air defense system

There can be no third option as it wouldn't have let itself to be destroyed… When it's battle-ready it performs constant surveillance of enemy aircraft and has a very fast reaction time. It would've brought down those cruise missiles with either its cannons or own missiles," he explained.

The Israeli footage shows none of the Syrian Pantsir's weapons were even pointing at the incoming missile. The three human figures standing outside the vehicle in the video, likely the crew, also suggest that it wasn't operational at the time of the attack.

According to Bizhev, the Israeli Air Force used its geographical advantage to catch the Syrian military off guard on Thursday.

"No matter how well-trained your personnel is and how good your hardware is, you know that the fly-in time between Israel and Syria is zero [as the countries have a common border]. Furthermore, the Israeli F15 and F16 fighters carried out the airstrikes without entering the [Syrian] air defense area."

"They approached at low altitudes then bounced from behind the Golan Heights, carried out the attack and left," he added.

According to the expert, the Pantsir-S1 "requires between three to five minutes to go operational."Keeping the systems on full alert at all times is impossible, mainly because it's going to be absolutely exhausting for the crew.

A military observer for the website, retired Colonel Mikhail Khodorenok, also pointed out that the Russian-made system wasn't in any way camouflaged or placed in a specially prepared position at the time of the airstrike. "This indicates that the Pantsir- S1 wasn't ready for engagement."

Khodorenok said that incident in Syria doesn't give a reason "to question the high combat capabilities" of the Pantsir-S1 system.

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