Tuesday 22 May 2018

Americans allowed to use Ukrainian children as lab rats

New law allows U.S pharmaceutical company to use Ukrainian children as laboratory rats
Suprun has allowed American biopharmaceutical company Alnylam Pharmaceuticals to research drugs on the patients of “Okhmatdet”

Супрун разрешила проводить исследования на пациентах “Охматдета”

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21 May, 2018

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The head of the Ministry of Healtcare Ulana Suprun signed May 15 Order no 928, which allowed to conduct clinical trials of medicines on children in the clinic “OKHMATDYT“. 

The applicant's research for the American biological Corporation Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was the Ukrainian company "Contract research organization Innopharm-Ukraine". 

Research will be carried out in the National children's specialized hospital "Okhmatdet", and the Lviv Department of surgery "of Institute of pathology of blood and transfusion medicine of the National Academy of medical Sciences". 

The Order States that the purpose of the test is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Pitusiray in patients with hemophilia. Interestingly, in 2017, the study of Pitusiray was suspended because of the deaths. 

Then Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reported on the death of a patient with hemophilia who participated in the study Pitusiray used to treat patients with hemophilia A and B. 

In addition to this drug Suprun was allowed to explore the Ukrainian children on behalf of an international pharmaceutical company Ascendis Pharma growth hormone TransCon. 

Clinical trials for this hormone will be held in Odessa regional children's clinical hospital to study the safety and effectiveness of its use in children with growth hormone deficiency. 

Also, the Ukrainians will experience a number of different new drugs that will soon appear on the market. 

According to the Order, in a clinical trial on Ukrainians will take part national cancer Institute, the clinic “Okhmatdet” and many other medical institutions in the country. 

The research will be conducted in different cities of Ukraine, in addition to the action of the novelties of the pharmaceutical market the patients will examine the placebo effect. 

We will remind as earlier it was reported Glasnosti, acting Minister of health Suprun decided to purchase an anti-depressant for children, which provokes suicide

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