Friday 25 May 2018

The Saker on Trump's letter to Kim

Neocon buffoonery reaches a new level

The Saker
Saker drawing from community
Step one: the DPRK destroys its nuclear testing facility

Step three, just read this masterpiece:

totally irrelevant” “ours are so massive and powerful” “if you change your mind”

Amazing, no?  The fact that the North Koreans requested the meeting is irrelevant, Trump’s red button is bigger than Kim’s and Kim is invited to lose face by begging for another meeting.
I have to say that I am awed by the sheer lunacy of the Neocons.
I can imagine the reactions in Moscow and Tehran to this kind of buffoonery…
While not very academic, I think that “batshit crazy” is an appropriate description of Trump (or, more accurately, of his Neocon bosses).
Expect my weekly analysis (mostly about Russia and Iran) for tomorrow morning.
Hugs and cheers,
The Sake

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