Monday 21 May 2018

Forecasts of a MEGA-earthquake in the Pacific

No doubt the Pacific ring is on fire. I'm not sure about pole shifts and Nibiru though -nature is far more mysterious.

MEGA EARTHQUAKE forecast THIS WEEK - 15 Volcanos ERUPT Hawaii + EQ @ St. Helens, Yellowstone, Ranier

Volcanoes on West Coast, earthquake swarms, predicting a MegaQuake, Dutchsinse data, maps, graphs, solar minimum, Japan, Taiwan, Oregon, California, Montana, Hawaii, Papa new Guinea, Vanuatu, Bali Agung... 15 volcanoes errupt in single day... Is this just the beginning? 

Link to Part 1 video about Hawaii and Tsunamis and Nibiru and pole shift, etc.... 

2 Dreams from Leslie - Oregon Mt. Hood Vocano and East Coast Tsunami: 

My volcanic dream: 

Mt. Hood confirmation? 
Credit link to FULL video where Dutchsinse forecasts a potential mega Quake (the specifics begin aroun 40:20 into this video): Links to MrMBB333 channel and full video from which I used clips:

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