Monday 28 May 2018

Media On Trial in the UK

SPECIAL: Media On Trial – LIVE

UK Column

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on location for an ACR simulcast from a special venue with the Media On Trial event in Leeds, England - an event which was banned by the city after pressure from members of mainstream media.  

In the first segment, Patrick will be joined via remote link by guest Benny Wills co-creator of Joy Camp to talk about his upcoming live event in Southern California called Regeneration.

Later in the first hour, we'll be joined by Mike Robinson editor of the UK Column for an update on preparations for Media On Trial today, and about the Establishment's attack on free speech and assembly and why event's mission of exposing mainstream media war propaganda has drawn heavy fire from mainstream journalists seeking to shutdown serious academic criticism of the media's unethical and potentially illegal practices.

Then we'll be joined by ACR's Hesher and guests for live commentary and simulcast of the event, featuring speakers Robert Stuart (exposing BBC propaganda in Syria),

Tim Hayward (propaganda on Syria), Piers Robinson (mainstream media propaganda), 21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen, former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, and journalist Vanessa Beeley, followed by a live Q & A session with audience.

All this and more. Enjoy the show...

Listen to "Episode #235 – SPECIAL: Media On Trial - LIVE" on Spreaker.

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