Monday 21 May 2018

Reports of explosions at Iranian base - disinformation?

Given the silence on the twitter feeds I suspect this maybe disinformation from Israeli media

Explosions Heard near Damascus at Iranian Base - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

At least tell where it is located But stupid people will buy the bluff

Satellite images show increased number of Russian warplanes in T-4 Airbase

Russia is still extensively using a large airbase in central Syria to launch sorties against positions for the rebel groups across the country, satellite images reveal.

The images, released online, clearly show four SU-25 jets, as well as a squadron of helicopters including three Ka-52 attack helicopters.

The highly-operational T-4 airbase hosts Russian as well as Iranian forces which help the Syrian Army fights the terror groups across the war-torn country.

Last month, the Iran-run section of the airbase has come under missile attack by Israeli warplanes, which killed and wounded a dozen of Syria soldiers and Iranian military advisors.

The attack, according to Israeli sources, targeted a building operated by Iranian military experts who repeatedly flew drones into the Israeli territories.

Zen Adra | AMN

Zen Adra | AMN

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