Monday 28 May 2018

Britain is seeрhing with anger after the arrest of Tommy Robinson

Hold your nose and filter out Alex Jones’ diatribe and listen to Caolin Johnstone, who is Tommy Robinson’s cameraman.

He comfirms from on-the-ground what I suspected, and that there is a huge degree of anger. Who knows what will happen f something happens to Tommy Robinson.

I don’t think Tommy’s supporters on the street will be as reasonable as he is.

Tommy Robinson's First Message From Prison, As England Awakens

We have made contact and I can now confirm that Tommy has not been attacked. He is in safe hands right now.

Here's Judge Geoffrey Marson QC caught on camera, smiling and laughing at the window as Tommy Robinson is arrested. Enjoying the show are we, Geoffrey? A picture says a thousand words. Judges shouldn't have prejudices about a person who hasn't yet appeared in the courtroom

P.S. This is how the BBC describes the trial. It is OK for the media scrum to be all over the Rolf Harris trial and name him as guilty before the verdict

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