Wednesday 30 May 2018

Media under attack - UK news

UK Column News - 29th May 2018


START – Media on Trial event update Freedom of speech: provided by the Islamic community in Leeds

04:01 – The speakers at the event  

04:50 – Wikipedia editing: Craig Murray - The Philip Cross Affair Cross has edited Wikipedia every day for over five years with no break  

11:23 – Press frenzy over the Skripals: BBC: How the Skripals were saved...but confusion over basic names Doctor ‘very surprised’ at speed of Skripals recovery… Senior Sister: ‘we were led to believe they had taken an overdose’ Confusion over Novichok...why…? Because the story is a lie BBC & Daily Mail weave the government Skripal line  

26:14 – Defence Minister Freddy Howe at chemical weapons conference  

29:34 – NATO-Russia Council: first talks since Salisbury ‘attack’  

31:05 – Syria: Israel and Russia in secret Syria deal Syriana Analysis: Did Russia agree to keep Iran away from Syrian border…?  

32:48 – The Times: UN knew of sex-for-food scandal at top charities 29 May: International Day of UN Peacekeepers… 21st Century Wire: Did UN peace-keeping troops send Syrian soldiers to death…?  

35:50 – DEMOS: At Home In One’s Past – nostalgia as a cultural & political force 

37:37 – BBC: Harvey Weinstein charged with rape following New York arrest #MeToo...planned back in 2006 by Tarana Burke...who is Tarana Burke…? Charities and NGOs collude for social change

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