Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Russia and Russophobia - headlines 0 08/15/2016

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned Democrats to change their mobile numbers and not let family members read their text messages her PC was hacked.

Nancy Pelosi got hacked, and Nancy Pelosi is also blaming “the Russians”.

Guccifer 2.0 has already claimed full responsibility, but never mind the small details…for the Democrats and the Hillary campaign, it all abut deflecting attention away from their massive government corruption, and towards a trusted and tried US boogeyman.

It’s absolutely pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous.

The irony is that the Obama White House ramped up its spying and surveillance activity on all the world, only to now have the tables turned.

Watch Pelosi speak in panic and fear, and witness what a true coward looks like as she talks about the ‘scores’ of ‘obscene and sick’ calls and messages she has received.

The agreement provides Russia with permanent base rights in Syria capable for the first time of challenging US strategic dominance in the eastern Mediterranean.

Though there has been remarkably little discussion of the subject in the Western media, Russia last week quietly acquired for the first time in its modern history a proper permanent base in the Mediterranean.

Following negotiations between the Syrian government and Russia an agreement dating to 2015 has now been ratified by Russia turning the Russian air base at Khmeimim in Syria into a permanent base. In other words Russia will retain the base at Khmeimim beyond the conclusion of the Syrian conflict, and its presence there has just been made permanent.

That the Syrian government has wanted to grant the base to Russia on a permanent basis has been known for some time. From the Syrian point of view the Russian base not only guarantees Russia’s support for the present Syrian government but also provides Syria with a measure of protection it has never had before from Israeli air incursions. These have been a continuous reality for decades with Syria lacking the capability to prevent them. The Russians do have that capability and the Syrians will be hoping that because of the presence of the base they will now use it to protect Syria from Israeli air incursions. As it happens reports suggest that the number of Israeli incursions of Syrian airspace have fallen off significantly since the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed to Syria last autumn, with the Israelis now careful to keep the Russians informed of their flights.

Dr. Paul investigates the strong stuff Ambassador Pyatt is apparently smoking...

"Bullshit. From start to finish. No western athlete would have to put up with a ban on competition just because he or she was American or Canadian or Dutch..."

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