Saturday, 17 August 2019

China's weather manipulation project

China's New HAARP: Playing God With Weather!
China is building a geoengineering system in the South China Sea that can knock out communications systems, but some scientists believe it could have more alarming uses such as causing natural disasters like hurricanes

ClimateViewer News,

5 June, 2018

Could this new Chinese radar system really be used to play God with the weather? - Saturday, 02 June, 2018

HAARP and the Sky Heaters

Ionospheric Heater Map on ClimateViewer 3D:

View Map on ClimateViewer Mobile and ClimateViewer 3D. RED = Ionospheric Heater, DARK BLUE = Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR), GREEN = EISCAT (ISR), LIGHT BLUE = Historic facilities (now closed). There are five major Ionospheric Heaters and multiple smaller facilities in operation today, not counting the Sky Heaters on trailers, submarines, and boats

China Covering Tibet in Thousands of Cloud Seeding Generators!

China needs more water. So it’s building a rain-making network three times the size of Spain

China to install hundreds of thousands of fuel burning chambers in Tibet to induce rainfall and address water scarcity in China

The world’s largest rain farm will generate a Mongolia-sized cloud to quench China’s thirst

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