Tuesday, 20 August 2019

BLOCKED for "flat Earth theories and creationist beliefs"

I feel free to talk my mind now and have cut the "umbilical 

cord" with the man with a stroke of genius destroyed by his 

own hubris.

When was my last post espousing flat earth theories and 

creationist beliefs"?

Thrown out of the “Tribe”

Today I tried to re-post the following onto Guy Mcpherson's Facebook page, Nature Bats Last and found I couldn't. because I had been BLOCKED

On the basis of that I went onto a friend's computer and found this from Pauline 


Unfortunately, because of Robin Westenra’s recent blog post wherein he damns Guy and Kevin Hester, (and I presume me as well-ffs Am I chopped liver?) for 1) our too-short visit to see him in NZ in July where we drove five hours to see him while also trying to meet up with another NBL member we had never met(sadly that didn’t happen),
and 2) for the technical issues on the NBL radio show with him were he claims Guy and Kevin (those evil geniuses) had some kind of mastermind plot to push him “out of the tribe” (paranoid much?) by causing technical issues... cuz no one ever had tech issues on the show before, said no one ever;

We are therefore giving our dear, but much confused friend, a break from NBL until he figures out that we love him and are not plotting behind his back.

Robin’s recent embracing of chemtrails may have caused the confusion clouding his judgment. Sadly, that’s a topic we don’t tolerate here any more than we do discussion of flat Earth theories or creationist beliefs.


What follows are my comments on the above:

Read this to see the ACCURATE version of events.

They did not drive five hours

The visit (the date of which they got wrong TWICE) was pre-arranged and
the ferry, which they got off, is 15 minutes away, not five hours.

However, it is not just the fact of being there that matters.

You do not, in my values, visit someone in their home just to be rude and look into a cellphone and leave without so much as a word of thanks or even “goodbye”

I have looked into (but not "embraced" “chemtrails”) but I have veered towards religion - something which they hate almost as much as the Dark One does.

"Robin’s recent embracing of chemtrails may have caused the confusion clouding his judgment. Sadly, that’s a topic we don’t tolerate here any more than we do discussion of flat Earth theories or creationist beliefs."

I have never, even ONCE posted anything on their Facebook page that reflects any of the above and I have never (sic) espoused "flat Earth theories or creationist beliefs" in ANY form, privately or publicly but only very specific observations about Arctic ice which they seem to be disinterested in).

What I say in my blog or on my Facebook page is none of their business although, in their eyes, they possibly think it is especially as Kevin Hester said on the radio interview that I had been "working on their behalf".

The arrogance is almost unimaginable as I have never worked on anyone else's behalf (or at least not since I was working for a short while for CollapseNet).

With the comments on the radio show they seem to prove their point. There were technical problems whether or not they had it before. But, as usual, it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

You can listen to the interview here, which, technically-speaking, in my mind is a disgrace.  

As I remember it was highly- stressful to get to this point and that was after a failure of the studio to connect us . something Pauline is denying in her version.

Always someone else’s fault.

Now, I have to distinguish between the message and the messenger.

Pauline seems to want to paint me as “paranoid much” but I can tell you who IS paranoid

I suspect that some examples have been removed from the website because I have seen a whole raft of accusations in recent months.  

While on the visit Guy was on the point of accusing Peter Wadhams of the same (because he did not respond to some invitation of the "Great Man").

All this from someone who seems to have given up on the science and is just going through the motions for presentations and interviews.

Every time I have mentioned particular data relating to methane or the Arctic ice the response has been one of total disinterest.

And what am I supposed to do with this?

"We are therefore giving our dear, but much confused friend (sic), a break from NBL until he figures out that we love him (sic) and are not plotting behind his back."

Go onto my knees, beg forgiveness and do a mea culpa?

It seems that that started from the day I started independent research with Margo and wasn't taking all my cues from one person.


From Pauline Schneider, via Facebook:

"Robin, as long as you believe that we somehow insulted you and “pushed you out of the tribe” when we came to see you, you will be mistaken.

As long as you insist upon insulting Kevin, Guy and me this way, you will be mistaken.

We love you and Pam.
We were excited to see you.
You have disgraced our short visit with your insults on your blog.

When you remember that we love you, please let me know."

I hope you feel better soon.

This came through as a comment on Facebook that, sadly, I have to see as being quite true:

"A few years ago, some of Guy’s detractors, those who disliked him but otherwise agree with his insights, predicted that there would soon be built a cult of personality around him, the basis for a kind of religion, which he would stoke. At the time, I scoffed at that. Now, I’m not so sure. There does seem to be a cult of personality around him, and as others have observed, he seems to be growing ever more narcissistic.”


  1. Robin,
    Last Wednesday I was in Pleasantville, NY, around 3:30pm, and I wound up on a back street looking for a parking spot. There was a very tall man walking in the middle of the road, typing on his cellphone. He was tall and not looking at the cars trying
    to get past him. I immediately recognize him as Guy McPherson.
    He was in the center of the road looking at his phone. I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was him.
    I had read about your experience of how dismissive he was to you. I felt so bad for you, and then this happened and I saw first hand his self absorbent walk through traffic. It took my breath away, as I too had followed him for a few years. I hope you are doing well now and are moving on...
    My father said he had bit of a cult effect on folks. Maybe he was right.
    Good luck to you--

  2. Storm in a tea cup! The problem is relationship entropy. Sadly these snafus are inevitable with the human condition.

  3. Pauline is not Guy McPherson. She wants to believe she's Guy McPherson but she's really just a mentally ill woman who has latched onto Guy.

    Total psycho. I honestly feel somewhat bad for Guy considering what he must endure with that woman. I could barely stand being around her and I only briefly met her a while back. Hopefully he's able to separate himself from her before it's too late.

    1. Pauline Schneider is neither "mentally-ill" nor "psycho". She has behaved terribly and it's pretty pathetic on Guy's part that he needs to rely on his partner as an attack dog rather than speak up for himself.

  4. i'm sorry all this is happening Robert. i have the feeling you're a forgiving soul, and it seems that this is all just some weird misunderstanding on some level, because i have NEVER seen a disparaging remark toward him before the visit, in which you seem to feel you've been slighted. Let it go man. Time's too short for any of this drama nonsense.

    He seems to have garnered many detractors along his path, whereas yours are mostly local(i'm referring to your run-ins with various media down there), no?

    i have no animosity toward either of you. McPherson is a hero of mine for daring to tell the honest truth, and you are a trusted source with a fine heart and an "old soul" so i will continue to visit as often as you post.

    Thanks to both of you! Live as long as we can!

    1. I am fairly forgiving most of the time. However, if I am crossed like this it is a different matter.

  5. Robin, this says a whole lot more about him than it does about you. I suspect that the Guy of a number of years ago would be disgusted by his recent behavior. I do believe you are right to seperate the message from the messenger. I'll always be grateful to him for opening my eyes many years ago, and for his essay that pretty much nails the whole issue down. It is impossible to know why people do the things they do, you will never really know why he's treating you as he is. I suspect it may have something to do with you continuing to add to the daily data, while clearly is not. He's embarrassed about that.. and also enjoying his celebrity status a bit too much. A big disappointment for sure! A friend once told me a great saying: how you treat me is your path, how I respond is mine.
    I've been following you for such a long time, and am ashamed to say this is the first time I've written. You're an intelligent man, good man with a good heart. You did nothing to deserve their treatment of you. I do hope you can find a way to let him and Pauline just go their own way, and that you can find some peace with Pam in this whole sorry situation. I wish you well, Robin, take care...