Wednesday 29 August 2018

TWO large cyclones to hit the Arctic in coming days

I have borrowed the very good headline from the Great White Con/
The Great Arctic Cyclone of 2018?

Both Robert Fanney and the Great White Con are reporting on a couple of cyclones that are predicted to hit the Arctic in the next couple of days.

This is how it looks now 

By the 31st forecasts have two cyclones hitting East Siberia and the East of Greenland

In Robert Fanney's analysis of the Nullschool forecast (see  video below) we are likely to see the storm go down as low as 968mB. By comparison the Great Arctic Cyclone of 2012 saw air pressures fall to 966 mB.

It also forecasts waves of 7-10 feet, going up to 12-14 feet in the Beaufort Sea

Note: this screenshot from Robert Fanney is inverted compared to mine.
Here is the article from the Great White Con

The Great Arctic Cyclone of 2018?

Our title for today refers back to the Great Arctic Cyclone of August 2012. There has been some speculation over on the Arctic Sea Ice Blog about whether a similar event is about to occur this year.
It’s later in the season of course, but as is our wont we always look at the waves first. Here is the current WaveWatch III forecast for the evening of August 31st UTC:
Significant_height_of_combined_w in multi_1.glo_30mext.20180827_00039
Mean_period_of_swell_waves_order in multi_1.glo_30mext.20180827_00039
In summary the forecast shows some very large waves with a substantial period for inside the Arctic Circle directed straight at the ice edge. Let’s follow the forecast over the next few days carefully shall we?

Here is Robert Fanney's video

Here for comparison is the Arctic cyclone from 2012 that wreaked havoc on the sea ice.

However, I hardly need to point out the fragile nature of the sea ice - it is ready to go and if forecasts are correct this may just provide the coup de grace.

Two Large Arctic Cyclones to Hit by This Friday, 8/31/18 (Aug. 28, 2018)

Margo shares a blog post from Robin Westenra about the developing cyclones in the Arctic. The report includes an article from the Great White Con on the Great Arctic Cyclone of 2012 and Robert Fanney’s video from today on the developing cyclones. Margo also shares today’s views of the Arctic sea ice and shares another article on an Arctic cyclone from 2016. 

Time is short. 

Be kind to one another and get your spiritual houses in order. 

God bless everyone! 

Power to the Truth! 

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