Tuesday 28 August 2018

Briefly revisiting geoengineering

I have been checking on Dr.Naomi Wolf again

I have no doubt that geoengineering is going on, now as well as in the past.

What I object to is when it is used to deflect from the very real ongoing catastrophe.

However, the taboo on mentioning it in some quarters verges on a type of political correctness.

9 November, 2017

Interactive map from ETC Group and Heinrich Boell Foundation shows growth of climate control efforts

This interactive geoengineering map, prepared by ETC Group and the Heinrich Boell Foundation, is an attempt to shed light on the worldwide state of geoengineering by showing the scope of research and experimentation.
There is no complete record of weather and climate control projects so this map is necessarily partial.

This document builds on an earlier map of Earth Systems Experimentation published in 2012. That original map documented almost 300 projects and experiments related to the field of geoengineering. Five years later over 800 such projects can be identified. These include projects in Carbon Capture, Solar Radiation Management, Weather Modification and other approaches.

The certitude of Dane Wigington irritates me and his tendency to pay lip-service to manmade global warming and then ascribe everything to geoengineering irritates me.

Nevertheless he does have PART of the truth

Climate Engineering Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Earth 
(Dane Wigington)

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  1. He does not ascribe everything to geoengineering. He constantly mentions it is one of countless factors harming the biosphere. He happens to think it is the worst one. He constantly mentions we are one step away from an BOE that will spell doom for us all. What is your point. In what way do you think he is misleading us? I live in Argentina, as of 2016 we are sprayed on a daily basis. Last soybean harvest was the worst on record due to lack of precipitations. Sun BURNS on the skin, even in winter. Insect numbers down drastically. Whenever the Sun comes out there are no natural clouds, just a white sky... This is madness.. What do you mean by he has PART of the truth? What is the OTHER part of the truth?


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