Sunday 26 August 2018

Russia gives total support to Iran in Syria


By Joaquin Flores

25 August, 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov made waves today, dispelling numerous rumors and laying to waste much ‘speculation’ about Russia’s role in Syria, with regard to Iran and Israel. 

After difficult talks today in a meeting between senior Russian and US delegations to discuss Syria, in Geneva, Switzerland, Ryabkov’s statements today mirror those of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Their previous statements reflect Russia’s actual, official policy on Iran and Syria. Today’s statements bring clarity to any number of vague remarks made in months past. 
Israeli officials have yet to comment, but there will no doubt be huge reverberations for today’s statement, which clarifies any number of misconceptions spread, even in pro-Russian alternative media and analytic spheres. However, the spread of those important ‘misconceptions’ was critical in the information war, and only high-level analysts with connections to Moscow, understood the the nature of the information war discourse they were involved in. In that sense, these journalists and analysts were themselves involved in an important aspect of Russian strategy, within the context of 4th Generation Warfare, in terms of their work in creating a hyper-reality simulacrum.
In FRN’s piece two weeks ago, Israel’s pending strategic collapse was outlined, it is explained how Russia’s creation of a series of (8) demilitarized outposts, actually protects Syria and it’s Iranian allies from Israeli attacks and funding for Islamic terrorist groups invading Syria with the help of the Zionist state.
Putin has effectively sandbagged Netanyahu, the brilliantly coordinated ruse effectively left Netanyahu and the Zionist state diplomatically disarmed. In a classic ‘Game of Thrones‘ maneuver, Putin plotted against Netanyahu even as the two walked ‘side-by-side’ to honor Victory Day in Moscow, right in Red Square.
Indeed, Ryabkov’s statements today clarifies that Russia respects Iran’s presence in Syria which he described as lawful.  What additionally gives credence to the view put forward by FRN, are numerous reports that the US was pressuring Moscow on Tehran’s role in the Arab country. Thus, any less-clear, previous statements made by Moscow that gave credence to the theory they may be involved in ‘balancing’ Israel’s interests against Iran, were an additional part of this generated simulacrum, in which actions on the ground were interpreted different ways, by various actors.
Clarifying Russia’s position today, Ryabkov confirmed that, lawfully, Iran has been in Syria at the official request of the Syrian government to help the country fight terrorism. The Tass news agency reported these comments on Friday as well. Ryabkov said:
We treat with great respect Iran’s steps to provide its own security and actions, including on Syria at the invitation of this country’s lawful government, […] We’ve got many inconsistencies with the Americans in this area,[…] Approaches are directly opposite in some cases, but here as well, which is important, there are grounds for continuing dialogue regarding Syria.[…] Sochi and Astana cannot replace Geneva; these are independent venues, and all these tracks complement each other. We presume that Tehran has similar views on it.[…] In the near future, new contacts will take place, including on the Geneva platform, which we regard as an important component of greater work,” 
Ryabkov reiterated that Russia had many disagreements with the US over issues such as Syria, adding that Moscow had been nonetheless ready to negotiate with Washington over the situation in the country.
But the US’s obstinance, ironically pushed by Israeli interests in the US Congress itself, led to Russia ending the charade that it was at all interested in pushing on Iran to wind-down its role in the Anglo-Islamicist-Zionist war on sovereign Syria.
Ryabkov reiterated that Russia will continue working with Iran on Syria in the Astana format.
The official said Russia had no intention to undermine the UN-led talks over Syria in Geneva, stressing that diplomatic discussions in Sochi and Astana were to be considered as complimenting the Geneva talks – a position which he said was shared between Moscow and Tehran.
Iran has been in Syria on an advisory military capacity since the conflict erupted in the country in 2011. This is a different way of saying that Iranian combat units are fighting in Syria, but have specific roles, either in leading training and recon, in leading Syrian units, and through the deployment of special forces combat units. FRn reminds readers that Russia joined the war late in 2015. The two countries intervened in Syria at the official request of the Syrian government.
Washington, which pushed past its role in funding proxies, invaded Syria in 2014 even while repeated criticisms were made by Damascus, at the highest level of diplomacy and at the UN, as this is a war-crime. Consequently, numerous crimes against humanity have been made by the Washington regime. Israel and Washington have been critical of Iranian and Russian role in the country, and this is the framework for understanding the major maneuver that Putin was able to play on Netanyahu.
Russia has reiterated that it will be ready to discuss the withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria when the US starts pulling out its own forces. The only obstacle to the final victory in this conflict against US and Israeli backed Salafist invaders, is that the US is arming and assisting ISIS. Any number of theatre maps relate the fact that ISIS bases are either inside of, or sit adjacent to, those areas being illegally occupied by US forces in Syria, and prior to this, Iraq.
Affirming that this is also the official view of Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Washington was maintaining an “illegal” military presence in Syria.
Responding to a question by Iran’s official IRNA news agency regarding US pressure for Iran’s withdrawal from Syria, Zakharova said:
The US should first pull out its own forces if it wants to discuss the fate of foreign forces in Syria.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said on Wednesday that all foreign forces staying in Syria without the legal consent of the Syrian government should leave the country.
All foreign forces staying there without an invitation from the Syrian government must be eventually withdrawn,” Lavrov said in a press conference.
Today’s major announcement, and the series of announcements made Wednesday by Lavrov and Thursday by Zakharova, leading up to today’s meeting in Geneva and the subsequent statement by Ryabkov, confirm FRN’s assessment of these events today.
Putin has effectively outmaneuvered Netanyahu, and what an historic and hyper-realistic plot it turned out to be.

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