Wednesday 29 August 2018

Methane emissions from the Laptev Sea and elsewhere

Extremely high methane readings from Scandanavia to the Laptev Sea and into the Arctic Sea

The following shows levels of methane that are off the chart. Notice the emissions from the Laptev Sea.

Even the lighter colour in the Arctic sea represents levels in excess of 1989 ppb.

Even the green, which one think was normal, indicates a level of 1900 ppb and greater.


I have zoomed in here

You can see the high temperature anomalies in the region here:

These are readings at 860 hPa (or approximately 4,700 feet)

 Here is an alternative source (NOAA)

2772 ppb.

Another High Reading somewhere in the Arctic as that is where most of the pink is. It is all going to hell!

For comparison here is an article from 2014 when we still had methane-tracker.

Massive Methane Concentrations over the Laptev Sea

High methane concentrations (2351 ppb at 19,819 ft altitude) are recorded on February 21, 2014. Analysis shows that these concentrations are the result of massive methane eruptions from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean.
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The bottom-left inset on above image shows methane readings on February 21st, 2014, p.m. only and only for 7 layers with altitudes from 469 mb to 586 mb. At 469 mb (19,819 ft), a reading of 2351 ppb was recorded, i.e. 31% higher than the highest mean that day (which was 1796 ppb at 586 mb).

Much of the methane showing up over Asia on the main image does not show up at altitudes where 2300+ ppb levels were recorded that day, indicating that these high readings were indeed caused by releases from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean.

The methane may have been released from areas closer to the North Pole. The methane may have traveled underneath the sea ice and entered the atmosphere over the Laptev Sea where the sea ice is thin or fractured enough to allow the methane to pass through the ice.

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  1. I like the severity in the authors writing. "
    Another High Reading somewhere in the Arctic as that is where most of the pink is. It is all going to hell!" Why is the media not covering this???????


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