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Syria: Towards a false flag to coincide with the Idlib campaign

Idlib Militants Receive Large Batch Of Poisonous Chemicals With Help From White Helmets: Russian Military

29 August, 2018

On August 28th, a large supply of poisonous chemicals was delivered to the militants in Syria’s Idlib with the assistance of the White Helmets group in order to stage a chemical weapon provocation and blame the Syrian government, according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

Major-General Aleksey Tsygankov, head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria, said in a statement that the Russian military has received information from several sources in the Idlib Province that “a large supply of poisonous agents has been brought to the city of Saraqib on two trucks from the village of Afs.”

The chemicals were delivered to an arms depot, used by the militant group Ahrar al-Sham, “accompanied by the eight members of the White Helmets organization,” Tsygankov said adding the cargo was met by two high-ranking Ahrar al-Sham commanders.

Later, a part of the load was put in unmarked plastic barrels and transported to another militant base in the southern Idlib in order to stage the use of chemical weapons and subsequently blame the government forces of employing poisonous substances against civilians,” the Ministry of Defense statement read.

Earlier, on August 26th, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that “foreign specialists” had arrived in Syria and may stage a chemical attack using chlorine in “the next two days.” RT cited the ministry as claiming that it will be filmed for international media to frame the Damascus forces.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said the operation is planned to unfold in the village of Kafr Zita in Syria’s northwestern Hama Province in “the next two days.” Konashenkov said that “English-speaking specialists” are already in place to use “poisonous agents.” In addition to that a group of residents from the north has been transported to Kafr Zita and is currently being prepared “to take part in the staging of the attack” and be filmed suffering from supposed “‘chemical munitions’ and ‘barrel bombs’ launched by the Syrian government forces.”

RT further cited the Ministry of Defense spokesman who said that the groups of residents will be used to assist “fake rescuers from the White Helmets.” They would be filmed and the footage would be shown to “the Middle Eastern and English-language media.”

The Russian Defense ministry warned that the US, UK and France would use the attack as a pretext for airstrikes against Syria.

Reinforcing that concern, the statement on August 28th commented on the deployment of USS Ross with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board to the Mediterranean as well as the arrival of other US warships to the Persian Gulf and Qatar all of which were part of the preparations for the attack.

Even earlier, on August 23rd, PressTV cited Syria’s official news agency SANA, which quoted unnamed sources and local media, which reported that “the so-called rescue group has been particularly coordinating with terrorists from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri outfit, formerly known as al-Nusra Front.” The White Helmets had reportedly been witnessed doing unusual activities as information was being reported about militants were preparing to carry out a chemical attack in the areas between Jisr al-Shughur and the northeastern countryside of Latakia province in an attempt to hold Damascus responsible for the attack.

Previously, Washington warned that it would respond to chemical weapons used by “the Syrian regime” with retaliatory strikes. The strikes would supposedly be stronger than the ones conducted by the US, the UK and France in April, which also happened in retaliation to an alleged chemical attack.

The Douma attack in April was also reported by the White Helmets, who as reported by RT, are “an infamous Western-backed aid group that has been caught red-handed working with the terrorists and producing fakes to smear the Syrian government and its allies.”

By Paul Antonopoulos

29 August, 2018

The United States Department of Defense said it was ready to take action if US President Donald Trump decided to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said.

At the same time, the organization denied that it was increasing the number of its destroyers in the Middle East to attack Syrian government forces.

As we all know, we do not report on our future military actions or how we are going to react to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s chemical attacks,” the senior official added.

On August 27, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that Washington is increasing the number of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East to attack Syrian government forces after a planned staging with alleged use of chemical weapons in Idlib province.

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Moscow believes the American destroyer equipped with 28 Tomahawk missiles that recently entered the waters of the Mediterranean could attack any part of Syria.

This also comes as French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday in a speech to the French ambassadors that his country is ready to carry out more air strikes in Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus.

He also noted that he never insisted on the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad in exchange for providing humanitarian assistance to the country. At the same time, the French president suggested that leaving power in the future in the hands of Assad “would be a serious mistake.”

France cannot appoint future Syrian leaders … But it is our duty and our interest to ensure that the Syrian people can do this,” he said.

Macron said he fears a serious humanitarian crisis in Syria’s Idlib province, as the Syrian Army prepares to launch an operation against the jihadist-held province that is fully of terrorist groups that are supported by Turkey, the US, France and other states.

Russia has deployed its biggest ever naval force to the Mediterranean Sea to stop the US from launching a strike on Syria.

By Joaquin Flores

30 August, 2018

In a major development, the Russian Navy has quickly deployed its largest ever naval force into the Mediterranean Sea. This comes in light of Russia’s repeated warnings through global media and to the international community, that the US is working with the British MI6 to stage a false flag attack, to create the pretext to strike Syria.

These events began to develop yesterday, but as a result of continued cyber attacks upon FRN, we were unable to publish the events which emerged. The attacks upon FRN occurred precisely on the eve of the last US naval attack on Syria in April of this year. This is the present positioning of the fleet, as reported by Russian media.
The most recent information available, is this: the Russian Ministry of Defense has just deployed the most powerful group of warships in the Mediterranean Sea during the entire period of Russia’s participation in the Syrian conflict. 
It includes 10 ships (a few more on the way), most of which are equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”, as well as two submarines. According to military experts, the group was  brought to sea to support the offensive of the Syrian army in the province of Idlib – the only region of the country that is under the control of illegal armed groups. Political scientists note that Russia acts as a guarantor of stability in the region which prohibits the possibility of events re-igniting into a large-scale war. However, the US aggression may make such an event inevitable.

The Defense Ministry stated that at present the ships of the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets, as well as the Caspian flotilla, are in the Mediterranean Sea.
FRN reports that the permanent operational connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean consists of 10 ships and two submarines. All the fleets are represented, except for the Pacific . This is the most powerful grouping since the beginning of the operation. 
The strike joint includes the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, the patrol ship Pytlivy, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the escort ships Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov, the small missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk , “Great Ustyug”, “Vyshny Volochek” and diesel-electric submarines B-268 “Veliky Novgorod” and B-271 “Kolpino”. A few more ships are approaching. On the cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” a powerful anti-ship missile system “Vulkan” was deployed, and eight warships – carriers of cruise missiles “Caliber”.
This is the largest naval force which Russia has gathered at one time, and one place, in a number of years. This situation has escalated very quickly, as FRN continues to monitor and report on the developments as they occur.
To supply the large grouping to the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian navy sent the large naval tanker from the Black Sea Fleet, the “Ivan Bubnov.”
The situation is similar to 2013, when some chemical ammunition was allegedly blown up in East Ghouta. The US tried to blame the government troops and declared their readiness to launch a limited military operation against the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria. In response, Russia strengthened the Navy grouping in the Mediterranean.

Then the Russian ships pushed the American from the shore. After the events in East Ghouta and the Mediterranean, the chemical weapons that were in the possession of the Syrian authorities were destroyed by agreement of the parties.

The presence of Russian warships in Syria is in accordance with international law and is implemented with the approval of the Syrian government, the spokesman of the Syrian parliament Naji Gabid told Russian media.
The Russian presence is important to prevent Western countries from hindering the speedy conclusion of the war. The Russian forces are the guarantor of stability in the region and do not let a wide regional war break out, “he said.
Now the Syrian army is preparing for an operation in the province of Idlib, the only region of the country that is under the control of illegal armed groups. If necessary, Russian ships will support the Syrian offensive, says naval expert Dmitry Boltenkov.
That’s why eight carriers of the Caliber rockets were withdrawn simultaneously in the Mediterranean Sea,” the expert said. – These complexes effectively shoot at coastal targets, so they can provide powerful fire support to Syrian troops conducting ground operations.
According to political scientist Roland Bijamov, such an increase in the Mediterranean Sea is primarily due to the fact that the US naval forces are being pulled thereand with provocative statements about the supposedly forthcoming chemical attack by the Syrian army.
And, of course, this provocation is quite possible. The situation does not repeat the first time. As soon as real preconditions for peace in Syria appear, the Americans are trying to destroy them,”, believes Roland Bijamov.
It remains to be seen whether the presence of Russian ships will cool hotheads who are planning another escalation of the conflict.
Let’s hope that if there is an escalation, then only at a diplomatic level. Of course, the fact that our group is sent there is a sobering factor. Only this way it can be considered, and, perhaps, it will stop the Americans,” the expert said.
The Russian Navy is taking a direct part in the military operation in Syria. At various times the composition of the force included the flagships of the Russian fleets, including the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov and the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great. One of the main tasks of the Navy was to ensure the delivery of weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants, and other cargoes for combat operations by sea. Combat ships repeatedly struck especially important military and economic targets of terrorists in Syria, with missiles, Caliber-NK and Caliber-PL.
NATO also noted the large-scale build-up of the Russian Navy (Navy) in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria. This is the official representative of the alliance Oana Lungescu reported in an interview with  Haaretz .
According to her, several ships equipped with modern cruise missiles were sent to the sea. Lungescu stressed that this causes concern for NATO members, as many countries of the alliance border on the Mediterranean.
Therefore, we are monitoring the situation and naval activities in the region, including from Russia,” she said.
Lungescu also added that there is no NATO soldiers in Syria, while the organization supports the efforts of the UN to achieve a settlement of the conflict. This is reflective of the fact that, by and large, the important EU countries of NATO with the exception of the UK and France, do not support the US venture at this late stage, when it is apparent that the US effort to topple Assad has significantly petered out.
On August 28 it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense had strengthened a grouping of warships off the coast of Syria in the Mediterranean Sea. As of today, it consists of 10 ships and at least two submarines.

Slightly older article - from the 28th.


28 August, 2018

In this major development, it has been revealed to FRN that ISIS has been now recorded receiving a weapons drop from ‘unmarked’ helicopters. Serious questions are raised by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the delivery of arms and ammunition to the ISIS terrorist organization close to the Afghanistan border with other Central Asian states.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed that Russia has registered helicopters of unknown origin delivering weapons to forces of ISIS and other jihadist organizations in Afghanistan.
The revelation was made by the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zacharova. She said:
We again draw attention to the flights of unknown helicopters in northern Afghanistan that deliver arms and ammunition to Islamic State [ISIS] fighters and Taliban militants,” 

According to Afghan media reports, as well as local residents, such flights have recently been recorded in Sari-Pul province,” the ministry spokesman said.
Ms. Zacharova also stressed that neither the Afghan army nor NATO forces are examining these flights, adding that flights are taking place near the Afghanistan border with Central Asian countries. She continued:
There is a question: who is behind these flights, who supplies terrorists with weapons and creates their bases near the southern border of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (international organization of the former Soviet republics) and why this is happening in the Afghan airspace, which is controlled by NATO forces?” 

This information from the Russian Foreign Ministry is only a few days before the start of the Afghanistan peace talks to be held in Moscow next September.
As it becomes seemingly evident that the Taliban will resume control of the country whenever US-led NATO forces leave Afghanistan, Russia and China who have relations with the group will surely have access to the trillion+ dollar worth of natural resources in the country while the US will be left out. It is most likely that ISIS will be utilized again to serve US interests just as they were suppose to in Syria by toppling President Bashar al-Assad, but ultimately failed.

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