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The NZ public and media response to Molyneux and Southern

Is Free Speech in New Zealand DEAD?
Ignorant Intolerance is certainly alive.

I used, earlier in my life, to be definitely Left. I wanted a better deal for the exploited and downtrodden and believed in public ownership of the means of production and exchange that used to be in the Labour Party's manifesto long ago, long before they adopted neo-liberalism.

Since then, as I have learned more about how the world really works I have changed my stance a lot to one of what I hope is realism.  That involves moving from both Left and Right.

Depending on what you are talking about both (true) Left and Right can be right about certain aspects of things. 

But decreasingly so.

As the biosphere collapses around us and we can look forward to nothing less than the collapse of human civilisation and quite possibly, extinction of the human species over a short period of time - certainly within one human lifespan the arguments of Left and Right become as irrelevent as Kim Kardashian or Stormy Daniels.

It is time to put our spiritual house in order and not bicker and spew hatred towards each other.

I used to like Martyn Bradbury and the Daily Blog. After all he picked up the issue of abrupt climate change when no one outside yours truly was willing to talk about it.

But then he just put it down.  Just one "issue" amongst many.

There was a common cause back then. We were opposed to the crony capitalism and fascist regime of John Key. But then came the election and a change of government and, about the same time, the poison of the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

The world has never been the same since.

People have retreated to their tribes and are spewing hatred at each other.

Like the following:

This is the reaction of Bradbury and I want nothing to do with it.

Or this:

The most significant injustice isn’t that some barely credible white supremacists travel the world vomiting diatribe, but that racial inequality still informs and shapes life outcomes marginalising ethnic groups here and in every nation on a daily basis.

Bradbury,who normally sees Gower from TV3 as the rat he his is full of praise here:

Gower did a great interview with these two clowns and highlighted the absolute shallow vapidness of their positions. He did more to convince other NZers not to fall for this crap than a thousand Nazi punches in the face.”


Everyone in the public sphere is congratulating themselves of having ejected "proto-Nazi’s" and "snakes" (Martyn Bradbury's words) from the country while the prime minister is "proud" of what amounts to huge intolerance that, in my mind is worse than anything Molyneux and Southern can come up with,

Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern has said New Zealand is "hostile" towards the views of controversial alt-right speaking pair Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

"I think you'll see from the reaction they've had from New Zealanders that their views are not those that are shared by this country, and I'm quite proud of that," she said.....

Ms Ardern responded on Saturday by saying "I think [New Zealand] is hostile to their views... Look, they are here because there were no grounds to block them being here. That does not mean we welcome their views."

Here is the full interview of Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern that Bradbury so fulsomely praises.

I will leave it to you to make up your own mind as to who is ‘more right’ or even ‘more intelligent’

It is clear to me.

When do NZ television EVER publish a complete interview and when did they (just like the BBC in the case of Tommy Robinson) sanction and even support demonstrations and acts of protest?

The media is full of half-truths and outright distortions. Quite why I should start believing a media that lies to us (by omission) about all the things that really matter and serve up nothing but distraction is beyond me


If there is anything that is true in today's corporate media is that they ALWAYS tell people what to think.

That is why I think it behooves us to look at what they are actually saying - unedited and uncensored.

Are they really 'far-right', 'fascist' white supremacists?
The politically-correct brigade will tell us that this is what this is what Southern and Molyneux are and the vast majority of the insouciant public will dutifully pick up the mantra, repeat it it and emplify it.

Most read: Fear controversial far-right pair’s speech will incite racism: ‘They were mocking Aboriginal culture'

Now listen to the 'offending' words from the lips of Stefan Molyneux and make up your own mind if he is someone spouting 'hate speech' or someone who is trying to open discussion by expressing an unpopular but well-thought-out point of view.

I will just repeat what I said before: I disagree with much of the content they are saying but not with their contention that free speech and open debate is desirable, nay essential.  I find the topic more irrelevent than offensive in the context of what we

Now see how the following fits in with reality.

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