Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The women bringing you the truth from Syria

Three intrepid heroines bring you the truth about Syria

I wish to make special mention of three intrepid women who have been on the ground in Syria to tease out the truth in the midst of the lies perpetrated by a western media that is nowhere to be be seen but relies on false news sources such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which is run by one man from the city of Coventry) or the White Helmets (discussed below).

In addition the Russian media as a whole (which has people actively on the ground) has to mentioned.

Eva Bartlett

Vanessa Beeley

The #WhiteHelmet fraud

During my time in Hanano East #Aleppo I spoke with many civilians who had been liberated from their four year imprisonment by NATO and Gulf state terrorist brigades. I asked them all if they knew of the #WhiteHelmets. All of them looked puzzled and most of them replied that no they did not know them at all.

Some said they knew of the workers who called themselves "civil defence" and worked with the terrorists. I asked if they also helped civilians, one man only said that yes sometimes they did help him and his family.

I interviewed the Syrian Arab Red Crescent workers who were on the scene in Hanano. They had never come across the White Helmets in all the time they had been working in East Aleppo since the area was invaded and occupied in 2012.

I have been told that no White Helmet operatives have accepted amnesty so this raises the question...where exactly are the White Helmets? If they were truly a neutral, impartial organisation working for all humanity, why were they not out in force helping civilians to escape to safety?

One leader of a special National Guard unit allied with the SAA told me tonight that during the battles for Ramousa, they had found one militant who had three ID cards in his pockets. One from Turkey, one from Nusra Front and one White Helmet ID card.

It seems the farce that is the White Helmets is coming to an end...

RT correspondent, Lizzie Phelan 

Interview from 2012

She talks about her experiences in Libya

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