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Putin warns Ukraine not to attack Donbass

Unfortunately, unsourced

Putin: "If Ukraine Attacks Donestsk or Luhansk, Ukraine will cease to exist"

Putin outsmarts Obama, turns Obama's expulsion of Russian ...
17 December, 2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said "Any attack on the Donbass (i.e. Donetsk or Luhansk) by the Ukraine government in Kiev, will lead to the end of Ukraine’s existence as a sovereign country. Those remarks have now been confirmed by high-ranking sources in the Russia Ministry of Defense.
According to the public newspaper SMI_li in Telegram, in an interview with the newspaper, the military allegedly stated that they "can only repeat the words of the supreme commander that, in the event of an attack on the Donbass, with political or other goals, Ukraine will suffer dire consequences and loss of its statehood."
We also confirm the OSCE’s information on the heavy armaments -- banned by Minsk-2 -- having now been brought to the line of contact by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” reads the quote.  They are referring to numerous social media reports of heavy tanks and artillery having been moved toward Mariupol by the Kiev government within the past two weeks.  
In addition, the authors of the article report that "this information was also confirmed to them by two independent sources in the Federation Council and the State Duma of Russia." 
Moreover, one of the sources recalled how similar aggression ended for Georgia in 2008. He added that at the same time "in 2008 the Russian army was much less equipped and efficient".
"Do not even think of going to climb, if you do not want to lose your country," he added, referring to the authorities of Ukraine.
Recall that during a direct interview, Vladimir Putin answered the question of Zakhar Prilepin - he wondered if the president was not expecting an attack by Ukraine on the Donbass during the 2018 World Cup.
Putin, in response, expressed the hope that "things will not come to such provocations." “And if this happens, I think that this will have very serious consequences for the Ukrainian statehood as a whole. Once again I want to emphasize: I hope that nothing of the kind will happen,” the Russian leader warned.
This statement immediately led to active discussion in expert circles and social networks. In particular, the Russians and experts have suggested what exactly Russia can do in response. Among the options is the official recognition of the Luhansk - Donestk (Donbass National Republic (DNR) with all the ensuing consequences (the Foreign Minister, by the way, called this option “emotional” and counterproductive), a “recall” of recognition of the presidential elections in Ukraine and forcing Ukraine to peace in the image of Georgia 2008.
"There is a concentration of enemy forces and equipment on the Gorlovka direction and in the Svetlodar arc. Here are the 72nd mechanized 58th motorized infantry, the 1st tank and the 81st airmobile brigades. In addition to the existing artillery grouping there, of the MLRS high-power division of the Uragan 15th artillery regiment and the 27th artillery brigade, the three-millimeter jet division of the Smerch volley fire of the 40th artillery brigade, ”Alexander Kots writes in his blog.
"In the near future, to strengthen the grouping, the 30th and 93rd mechanized brigades are expected to arrive. Thus, our defenders in the Gorlovka direction will be confronted by enemy grouping in the SIX brigade, with a total of up to 20,000 people, over 120 tanks, more 250 field artillery guns and mortars, more than 110 multiple rocket launcher systems, "he said.
The journalist also shares information about the instructions to leave the houses allegedly received by Svetlodar residents and move at least to Zhytomyr. True, other sources write that "rumors about evacuation are only at the level of rumors".
We add that, despite the recall by Vladimir Putin himself of the right to send troops to Ukraine, the head of state did not lose the opportunity to do so at any time.
Yes, on June 25, 2014, the Federation Council canceled the March 1 permission to deploy troops, but the president of Russia remains“ in reserve ”a decree passed back in 2009 — then Dmitry Medvedev received from the Federation Council the right to promptly use the armed forces for border ", - experts say.
It should be noted that sources in military circles, OSCE official observers and diplomats agree that the President of Ukraine will give an order to attack DLNR before the New Year - in order to “crush” the rebellious regions and give themselves a reason to extend martial law and cancel the elections of the Rada and President Square
In addition, in an interview with KP, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow has information about the provocation of Kiev in the Crimea that is being prepared for the last ten days of December. 
He stressed that the Russian special services will not allow this. Well, if the provocation does take place, “Poroshenko will receive an answer, it will not seem a bit, I assure you.” The head of the Foreign Ministry added that Russia has evidence that "Kiev coordinates its actions with Western curators and trustees," advising "to support low-intensity fighting."

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