Saturday 29 December 2018

A musical tribute to Julian Assange

Let The Light In -- A Trans-Hemisphere Violin Duet!

Merry Solstice, a joyous Christmas and happy new year! - Let The Light In – Jude The Obskure for Wikileaks Art with Maria Milewska & Alex Hills 

Please sign this petition: 
which is almost up to 30K signatures demanding Australia brings home Assange NOW! 

Our thoughts are with Julian Assange - 6 years in an Embassy prison - 9 months in effective solitary when 14 days is legally defined as torture. 

The U.N. ruled this week (for the third time) that he immediately be freed and compensated. 

The U.N. confirmed UK, USA, Australia and Sweden are all acting illegally - These are legally binding international human rights laws! 

Thank you to all the brave activists, journalists, whistle-blowers who speak truth to power. 

 #Unity4J is a trans-partisan non-violent online army working to Free Julian Assange! Join the movement on Discord : 

 @Obksure77 UK Violinist Alex Taylor 
@GreenweaverArch NZ Violinist Alex Hills Candle Actions / Pictures and Video: @GreenweaverArch@gregfullmoon - Wellington 
@BeeBeeHoneyBee - London 
@greekemmy – London

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