Thursday 27 December 2018

FBI raids home of well-known UFO researcher who has been silent for 30 years

Bob Lazar became well-known 30 years ago for his revelations from working in Area-51, but has been silent since - UNTIL NOW.

A movie is coming out about him and now this story.

FBI raids home of ‘former Area 51 worker’ looking for ‘STOLEN alien technology'
THE FBI raided the home of a man who claims to have worked at Area 51, looking for a piece of bombshell evidence that proves his story, it has been claimed

the Express,
24 December, 2018

Bob Lazar sparked an alien frenzy 30 years ago when he blew the whistle on his apparent work on UFOs inside Area 51.  In 1989, with the help of journalist George Knapp, Mr Lazar detailed a story claiming he was stationed at a base known as S-4, south of the USAF’s Homey Airport. He speculated the auxiliary facility in the Nevada desert was being used by the US government to exploit alien technology. 

However, following the revelation, Lazar went quiet for almost 30 years.

Until now.

With the help of investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, the scientist revisited his claims.

Mr Corbell spent the last few years digging into the background of the 59-year-old, before producing his new film “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”.
However, it has not done Mr Lazar many favours, he has revealed, after the FBI raided his home last month.

Bob Lazar and FBI agents
Bob Lazar's house was raided by FBI agents (Image: GETTY)

Area 51

Bob Lazar claims to have worked at Area 51 (Image: WIKI)

He said: “The conveyer belt of vehicles and agents and police did not stop.

They came in and said ‘there will be a few others coming in, we’ve just got a few questions to ask you’.

But then the street and building were filled with agents.

They said they were looking for some paperwork from two years ago about a customer who ordered some toxic material.

They could have just called – it was very over the top.”

Mr Lazar claims the government agency were, in fact, looking for something called Element 115, a chemical said to used to power alien spaceships.

He believes the FBI is now paranoid over the possibility.

Two weeks ago, Mr Lazar travelled to Los Angeles with Mr Corbell and Mr Knapps to attend the premiere of the new film at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.

The next day it was released on iTunes and immediately rose to number one on the chart
Mr Corbell previously said: “My film gives you an understanding of the real Bob Lazar, which will make it harder to throw away his claims.

The more you get to know Bob Lazar, the more you have to face the uncomfortable possibility that he's telling you the truth.

"You look at the evidence, you watch my film and you decide for yourself."

Back in the 1990’s, there were rumours that Mr Lazar had managed to sneak some out of the top-secret facility, yet he refuses to discuss the speculation.

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