Saturday 29 December 2018

More photographic evidence of the changing skies in New Zealand

In the past few months I have had to VERY RELUCTANTLY recognise that there is ACTUAL spraying of particulates in the contrails of planes.

Whilst folk have been noticing for a while in New Zealand this is new for me and the skies, when “clear” are dominated by this cloud-cover that has no other credible explanation.

Saying it is ‘just’ water vapour does not cut it.

The skies over Lower Hutt, New Zealand

This shows the transition from “normal” skies that dominated just a short time ago to what I contend the sky is modified and sprayed with particulates and provide some evidence for the existence of “chemtrails” in New Zealand.

I believe this to be going on in parallel with abrupt climate change and is designed to mask the effects of rapid warming but is actually making things worse.

The spraying seems to be actual rather than theoretical

Particulate trails (aka. "chemtrails") in the rest of New Zealand

I would like to thank those individuals, all from the South Island, from the Facebook group Chemtrails over NZ for their photos.

They help me to identify the existance of actual trails that originate from planes.

In the absense of samples of rainfall the evidence can be nothing but indirect.

Greymouth 25 December 2018  - Nette van Gent
Greymouth 25 December 2018

Greymouth 25 December 2018

Boxing Day 2018 Charleston, West Coast - Julie Philbrick Sherpa

 Nelson - 23 December, 2018 - Kimi Songbird

Sun 23-12-2018 Christchurch all day - Tina Hoskin

Sun 23-12-2018 Christchurch all day
Sun 23-12-2018 Christchurch all day
 Sun 23-12-2018 Christchurch all day

22,12,2018 Christchurch really bad here today - Tina Hoskin

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  1. Kia Ora Robin, I flew as International crew for Air NZ from 1976 to 1993 and though flying across the US skies many times never saw any of these so called chemtrails. But now they are happening across NZ and NZers ignore them. Here is a very recent Radio Interview on - from Auckland NZ


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