Friday, 7 December 2018

More data from CAMS shows extremely high methane emissions in the Arctic

I don't apologise for bringing more on methane. It's fast moving.

Extreme Methane Levels Update with Margo (Dec. 6, 2018)

This is the latest actual data available from CAMS - from Wednesday, Dec 6)
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Margo shows the continued high levels of methane being released throughout the Northern Hemisphere and gathering over the Arctic.

Time is short - get your spiritual houses in order.

God bless everyone.

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Here are just a couple of the comments - 

Q. Is this the methane release they’ve been predicting?

A. Well, it's a huge methane release, maybe not as it was predicted. There is methane stored in the ground everywhere, the permafrost, under the ocean floor, addition to methane as a result of civilization. So with the warmer temperatures, the methane is being released in waves from the ground level is what I'm observing. I don't know what the 50 gigaton methane release from the clathrates looks like.

---Margo’s Healing Corner

Honestly Margo, you and Robin our virtually the only ones consistently bringing this information to the forefront week by week. You especially have taken over as the major vocal source via these presentations concerning methane, S02, C02 in as much depth as you cover. And because you are free and independent you are not compromised in as much as those who know but desire to keep their status and paycheck. Either way it is a necessary and valuable service you render here. Notwithstanding that others do carry the torch and in great fashion, but this in depth blow by blow 'live' documentation is unique as far as I can tell. And scary as hell.


Beckwith is making videos on how to trick your brain into being happy, Guy Mcpherson is stuck on hold on several issues such as trying to puzzle out extinction Rebellion, Quirky phrase finishing and of course the big guns such as Michael Mann and Hansen perhaps are on their way to the latest climate conference this month, where is this conference? I forgot. So maybe they can talk about this methane breech when they get settled into their hotels and have a hearty meal. We shall see.

--- ValhalaFiveSix

For context this is Margo's interview with Guy McPherson in May

This is what it looked like on 31 May when this interview was done.

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