Saturday, 19 May 2018

Sergei Skripal released from hospital - when and where is he now?

British authorities still questioning Sergei Skripal
After being released from the hospital, the former Russian spy is now in the hands of the British intelligence services

Frank Sellars

18 May, 2018

The former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, who was allegedly poisoned by a Russian manufactured nerve agent in Salisbury, prompting harsh anti Russian sentiment and sanctions, diplomat expulsions, from the Western world, has been released from the hospital.

Sky News reports:
Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, who was targeted with the novichok nerve agent, has been discharged from hospital.
Detectives were still questioning Mr Skripal on Thursday as he continued his recovery nearly 10 weeks after the attack.
A Salisbury District Hospital spokesperson said in a statement: “While these patients have now been discharged, their right to patient confidentiality remains and limits us from giving detailed accounts of the treatment these individuals received.
However, treating people who are so acutely unwell, having been poisoned by nerve agents, requires stabilising them, keeping them alive until their bodies could produce more enzymes to replace those that had been poisoned.”
The alleged military grade nerve toxin is supposed to be one of the deadliest on planet earth, but which Sergei, and his daughter, have survived and have been released from hospitalized care. However, British authorities are still questioning Mr. Skripal

The British government was quick to lay the blame for the poisoning on the Russian government, with claims from the British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, that Porton Down scientists were ‘absolute categorical’ that the poison originated in Russia.

Mr Skripal’s release follows that of his daughter Yulia after both of them were poisoned in Salisbury, Wiltshire, in March.

This how the Guardian reports it:

Russia demands access to poisoned former spy and daughter to ensure they do not want help

Guardian fake news. UK media tries to keep Skripal poisoning hoax alive (Video)

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 6.

18 May, 2018

Alex Christoforou with Alexander Mercouris discuss a recent Guardian post that claims 100 police have received psychological help after Salisbury attack.

Fake news, trying to create false connections between police psychological issues and a rather dubious UK poisoning false flag. Via The Guardian
Almost 100 Wiltshire police officers and staff have sought psychological support after the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, the Guardian can reveal.
Among those who have asked for help were officers who initially responded to the collapse of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, and those who were at or close to the various investigation sites in subsequent days and weeks.
While the Skripal poisoning story has faded from much of the mainstream media news cycle, as it was increasingly exposed as a complete hoax and embarrassment for the May government, the Guardian appears to be trying to resurrect “the Russians did” Novichok narrative.

The Duran delivers a rational viewpoint amidst all the chaos and propaganda in the news today. 


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