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From the Israeli press - 05/09/2018

Iranian Force Launches Missiles at Golan; Syria Says Intercepted Rockets Launched by Israel
  • In first, army attributes attack on Israeli territory to Iran
  • Golan residents requested to stay in shelters until warning lifted
  • Syrian reports claim Israel struck regime targets in Golan Heights

An Israeli tank seen near the Israeli border with Syria in the Golan Heights on May 9, 2018.
9 May, 2018

  • Syria blames Israel for strike near Damascus; target was Iranian missiles aimed at Israel
  • LIVE UPDATES // Israeli intel chief: 'Offensives today can prevent war tomorrow'
  • Israel prepares for possible attack: Iron Dome missile defense systems deployed in north

Syrian reports late Wednesday night said that Israeli missiles were launched at Syria. The reports, which were not confirmed by Israel, alleged that Syria has intercepted some of the missiles.

Moments earlier, a barrage of 20 rockets was fired from Syria towards Israeli military outposts in the Golan Heights. No injuries were reported. Several rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

The Israeli army is attributing the attack to members of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The military said intelligence assessments earlier in the week anticipated that after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear accord, Israel was likely to be targeted by rocket fire and Iran would try to retaliate.

Nonetheless, the army has predicted that such an attack would not lead to a full-fledged war. Tehran has issued several threats over the past month, saying that it would hurt Israel in response to a slew of attacks that were ascribed to the Israeli air force. The latest attack, carried out on May 9, claimed the lives of seven Iranians in the Syrian air force base T4.

Over the past month tensions have been high along the Israeli border with Syria and the army has increased security measures in the area, deploying more Iron Dome batteries across the northern region.

After rocket fire was reported Wednesday night, IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis told reporters that the attack was carried out by members of the Iranian Quds force and that Israel views the incident gravely. The army is currently assessing the situation and considering whether to hand out more instructions to Israeli residents of the area to fend off should the situation escalate further.

This is the first time Israel directly accuses Iran of firing towards Israeli territory. During the Syrian Civil War errant fire struck the Golan several times; usually local organizations in southern Syria that are affiliated with Iran, Hezbollah and the Assad regime were behind those attacks. This Iran-led strike on Israeli territory, however, is the most extensive of its kind to date.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Wednesday that Israel has attacked targets of the Syrian military on the outskirts of Quneitra in the Golan Heights.

Shortly thereafter siren alerts sounded in communities in the north and center of the Golan Heights in northern Israel. The Home Front Command released a reminder on safety regulations to residents of the area; some reported hearing explosions.

The Golan Regional Council released a statement saying that several towns in the Golan were targeted by rocket fire and that residents of those towns are requested to stay in shelters until notified otherwise

A U.S. State Department official responded to the escalation on Wednesday, telling Haaretz that the State Department wishes to reiterate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement from last week in which he stressed the U.S.'s support of Israel against the Iranian threat.

"We stand with Israel in the fight against Iran’s malign activities and we strongly support Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself. If true [evidence provided by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Iran's nuclear activity in recent years], this only bolsters our decision to terminate the JCPOA. Iran will have showed the world it's true intentions. Let there be no doubt."

This attack comes on the heels of a Syrian report Tuesday accusing Israel of carrying out an attack on a military base south of Damascus, which was used by Iranian forces. According to reports, Israeli fighter jets entered Syrian airspace and struck Iranian missiles aimed at Israel.

Golan under Iranian attack. Al Qods units launch 20 rockets at IDF positions. No casualties

10 May,2018

Iranian Revolutionary Guards al Qods units launched 20 missiles from Syria at IDF Golan positions shortly after midnight on Tuesday, May 9. There were no casualties. 

Some of the incoming missiles were intercepted by Iron Dome batteries. Israel artillery and tanks blasted the sources of the fire at Baath near Quneitra and Khan Arnaba, where Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah maintain a command center. 

The missiles falling around the IDF’s forward positions on the Golan border with Syria set off warning sirens just before one a.m. Civilians were ordered to take shelter in protected areas. 

The IDF issued a communique half an hour later, saying: “We view with extreme gravity the Iranian missile attack on the Golan and are ready for a number of different scenarios.” 

A short time later, social media reported that several explosions rocked Damascus, and claimed that Israeli jets struck several military sites belonging to Bashar Assad’s forces and the Iranian Al-Qods units near the Syrian capital. This was not confirmed by any authoritative source.

IDF orders Golan residents to open shelters

The military order to open bomb shelters in the Golan follows “a string of unusual sightings among Iranian forces in Syria” The order refers to preparations for the firing of missiles from Iranian positions and stresses that defensive measures are in place and on maximum readiness.

After talks with Putin, Netanyahu believes Israel’s freedom to act Syria is safe

After spending 10 hours in the company of President Vladimir Putin in Moscow as his guest of honor, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he believes that Israel’s freedom to operate in Syria in its defense is not in jeopardy. The two leaders attended the annual Victory March in Moscow on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat, during which Netanyahu also paid tribute to the valor of the war veterans living in Israel. Netanyahu then made this comment to the Russian President: “It’s hard to believe that 73 years after the Holocaust, there is a Middle East nation which aspires to wipe out another six million Jews.”

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