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China calls for alliance with Russia in response to western aggression

Beijing Blasts ‘American Aggression,’ Calls for Russia-China ‘New World Order’
As the United States and Europe embark on an increasingly hawkish policy towards China, Beijing has moved to welcome the formation of an alliance with Russia to counter NATO.

14 August, 2016

Speaking at the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party last month, Xi Jinping delivered what Western analysts are calling an "incendiary speech" in which he called for a military union with Russia that would render NATO "powerless" and "put an end to the imperialist desires of the West."

The harsh statements come at a time when both Beijing and Moscow find themselves vulnerable to an increasingly hawkish US foreign policy that has resulted in a series of massive war games on both countries’ doorstep and the placement of missile shields in strategic quadrants to limit the ability of both Russia and China to defend themselves if conflict were ever to ensue.

"The world is on the verge of radical change," said the increasingly frustrated Chinese President. "We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy – it is all over for the new world order."

The rhetoric appears to be also focused on quelling domestic dissent in China with officials already calling on citizens to be vigilant for anti-government agitators who may be agents of the West amid a flourish of US meddling in the South China Sea dispute with the Obama administration rallying others to demand that Beijing be evicted from its historic territory based on a questionable ruling that has been criticized by legal scholars who argue China never submitted to The Hague’s jurisdiction.

Losing the territory of the South China Sea would represent a major setback for Beijing’s economic aspirations in light of the fact that over 40% of the world’s shipborne commerce travels through the area which also is home to one of the world’s largest deep water oil and natural gas deposits.

Rallying support among his countrymen, Xi Jinping declared "it will never be as it was before, in 10 years we will have a new world order in which the key will be the union of China and Russia."

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long welcomed the development of a broader military and economic relationship with China referring to existing cooperation as an "all-embracing and strategic partnership."

With the international community stacking up against Beijing in recent weeks in the wake of the South China Sea ruling and the placement of the THAAD anti-missile systems in South Korea, Russia has stood steadfast in its support of the Chinese engaging in massive joint military exercises in the Pacific.

Here is a video made by the Supreme People's Procuratate released on Weibo and translated by the South China Morning Post.

I have to say, personally, that I am left somewhat cold by this Chinese video - which doesn't mean that Chinese concerns vis-a-vis the United States are not valid.  It is a reminder that this is not a good vs evil battle but a geopolitical struggle.

The anti-China rhetoric below reflects the source,

Colour Revolution: Video by Supreme People’s Procuratorate warns of ‘dark shadow of theStars and Stripes’

"The South China Morning Post has shared an English-subtitled version of an ultra-nationalistic video released on Weibo by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, China’s top prosecution body. The video, which warns of the threat “foreign forces” pose to stability in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, is part of a wave of anti-Western propaganda released amid the ongoing trials of several human rights lawyers and activists detained in last year’s “Black Friday” crackdown. This follows a pledge to combat “hostile forces” from China’s top judge in March, and mounting regulation of foreign NGOs aimed in part at preventing them from undermining the Party. Such suspicions have also arisen in connection with the Panama Papers leaks in April, “patriotic” protests over South China Sea arbitration (as well as the arbitration itself), and even among university authorities over a lesbian couple’s public proposal.”"

At The News Lens, J. Michael Cole reports on the cautionary message in the video:
The Chinese Supreme People’s Court yesterday released a video on its official weibo micro blogging site calling for a nationwide alert against a foreign-backed “color revolution” that seeks to undermine state stability in China.
Using a collage of images of devastation, dead bodies and refugees in Iraq and Syria, the video, which was also circulated by the ultranationalist Chinese Communist Youth League, argues that the former U.S.S.R., Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Syria and Libya all serve as “painful lessons” to the Chinese
Do you want a stable China to turn into this?” it asks.
Implicit in this montage is the idea that “pro-independence” forces in Taiwan and Hong Kong would leave Beijing, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), no choice but to use force to stabilize the situation and maintain the integrity of the People’s Republic of China
[…] “We must be very confident,” the video says. “China will not be the next U.S.S.R.”

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CCP sponsored a number of studies to learn from Moscow’s “mistakes” and avoid a similar fate in China. It has long justified crackdowns on civil liberties and freedom of expression, which have reached unprecedented heights in recent months, as necessary reactions to efforts by “foreign elements” to undermine China. [Source]

Notes by Andrew Korybko;

I finally found an English-subtitled version of the video that was recently released by China's Supreme People's Protectorate and which has been making waves across the internet, and I can happily say that I totally endorse everything mentioned within it.
Ignore the website host's explicit anti-Chinese propaganda and focus on the message from the video itself. Beijing warns of the dangers from Color Revolutions and other asymmetrical American threats and encourages its citizens to work harder and closer together to repel them.

Everything that is mentioned in the video fully accords with the Law of Hybrid War series that I've been writing about for the past year, and my introductory article should be read in conjunction with watching this video in order to understand the full strategic context of what the Chinese authorities are responding to:

"The Law Of Hybrid War":

For additional detailed insight into the nature of Hybrid War (the phased transition from a Color Revolution to an Unconventional War), please reference my 2015 book on the topic which was also reviewed by the Russian Diplomatic Academy here in Moscow:

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