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Second source; US Military Suddenly Blocks ALL Spy Satellite Access

I carried this story from Hal Turner yesterday. Perhaps this will serve as a confirmation of sorts.

From the illustration below they have referred to the story from this blog without citing it.
Breaking: US Military Suddenly Blocks ALL Spy Satellite Access!

31 August, 2018 

 BREAKING: Vital US spy satellites rendered blind – no access by other nations. Pentagon declining to comment. Respected former CIA analyst predicted the action – connected to Donald Trump. Conspiracy theorists say ‘QAnon‘ behind it.
Today, sources from the Intelligence Community are confirming critical CIA mainframe computer systems are offline rendering SEVEN spy satellites in the dark.
Tech staff are working furiously to find out what happened and fix it. In Britain MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are in panic mode as speculation grows this is President Donald Trump’s retaliation for the discredited ‘Steele-Russia dossier‘.
‘QAnon’ users of QMAP – an alleged US government website – have been posting frantically overnight claiming this was a planned ‘attack’ and a victory against the ‘Deep State’. They pointed to ‘Q drops‘ (‘breadcrumbs’ of alleged intel from – another US military intelligence website) to prove this is a coordinated, precision military operation (screenshot images below):
If the reports are correct, the ramifications are that, not just the CIA, but all US foreign allies are rendered ‘blind’ to vital intelligence information until a fix is found. Until then there is an almost complete blackout of most  “Black-Ops” Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) satellites. 
Therefore, the CIA is now unable to perform certain “key hole” surveillance with gaping holes in their ability to intercept various signals; i.e. certain phones, certain radios, certain internet coms, etc.
If the US Department of Defense (DoD) anticipates imminent reform or abolition of the CIA it could explain why the DoD is “dramatically consolidating our IT networks…” Twitter (Aug 31, 2018).
If the ‘QAnon’ folk are correct this means a self-serving elite who previously thought they ran the world, (i.e. the Intelligence Community within CIA and NSA) are now deaf, dumb, and partially blind (they may possess modest, localized on-the-ground SIGINT capacity).
Independent sources are linking to a key story from last year ‘This Is How Five Eyes Dies’ (March 30, 2017) which forewarned of such a deliberate attack. ‘Q’ posted a cryptic comment last night that suggests Britain’s spy hub, GCHQ was thrown into panic:
The message (screenshot below) being seen as the National Security Agency (NSA) peremptorily terminating Britain’s access to America’s spying secrets.
‘GCHQ Bude’ employs 50 intelligence staff,  is a UK Government satellite ground station and eavesdropping centre located on the north Cornwall coast at Cleave Camp near the village of Morwenstow. It is operated by the British signals intelligence service, officially known as the Government Communications Headquarters, commonly abbreviated GCHQ.
Jeremy Duns offers some insights, also this blog:
“Britain’s signals intelligence agency GCHQ  — intercepted communications within Trump Tower during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. His evidence for this? GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan had resigned three days after Trump’s inauguration.”
Supporters and followers of the ‘Q Movement’ are saying America’s military top brass have been planning to ‘take down’ the ‘Deep State’ (with Donald Trump’s help) since 2012.
Some observers were quick to point to President Trump’s recent “Space Force” announcement [see: President Trump’s ‘Space Force’ brings back ‘separate but equal’ (June 20, 2018). The implication being that Trump already has the wherewithal to bring about military strikes in outer space.
Chairman of U.S. House Intelligence Committee Rebuffed by London
On August 28, 2018 the Reuters news service reported:
“Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, sought unsuccessfully to meet chiefs of Britain’s three intelligence agencies on a recent visit to London, according to two sources familiar with his itinerary.” – ‘Congressman Nunes sought meeting with UK spy chiefs in London
It was reported that Nunes wanted to meet with top UK spy officials about the ‘Steele-Russia Dossier’ that was used to try to smear the US President. GCHQ had access to NSA computers. No More.
So, has science met conspiracy theory?
Clearly, something strange is happening online and independent experts are confirming some kind of DDoS attack whereby any targeted online servers are targeted and swamped with access requests.
When this happens it causes unusually very high CPU and bandwidth usage. Hence resource limits become overloaded and the service is disrupted.
Check out the latest real-time DDoS attacks at and
Over on Youtube various channels have garnered respect among independent researchers  (“conspiracy theorists“) interpreting the ‘breadcrumbs’ (military intel) being dropped by ‘Q.’
Our PSI readers were provided a sample of the ‘Q Phenomenon’ last week. Obviously, some of us over here remain skeptical, but keeping an open mind until further evidence emerges. We’ve been following the broadcasts of the many online analysts, such as’Blessed To Teach’ (Aug 30, 2018)  and the X22 channel for updates.
A few snippets of commentary are featured below from the Great Awakening blog (a site which ‘Q’ has already linked back on their subreddit 12 times).
But we encourage our readers to be as skeptical and ALWAYS perform their own diligent research. Great Awakeningselect comments:
New arrival.7 points·4 hours ago
“Thanks. I’m pretty new to Q. Been red pilled…well, almost since the Matrix came out! Lol. I was following Q last year for a bit but thought it was a LARP and kinda forgot about it. Until the entire MSM all came out the same day with stories saying how “crazy” and “dangerous” it was! That’s when I knew it was legit! Lol. But the Suicide Weekend? Hands Up post got me. I’ve been locked in since then. I don’t get any work done because I’m on here all day! I don’t know whether to be bummed about all I missed or thank God that I got here in time to see this week! “
Think Mirror. – Q15 points·5 hours ago
“Q has effectively taken control and knocked offline all of the not so friendly 3-letter organizations super comps and satellites as well as a main hub in the UK. The baddies are flying blind with no comms; distress signals out. This also could mean they do not have access whatever harmful or weapon-like tech they had working with it.”
In ‘retaliation’ the ‘Deep State’ has supposedly used ‘Horizon’ to counter-attack, according to this later ‘Q drop’:
What is ‘Horizon’ and what does this mean?
The ‘Horizon‘ references may possibly mean the U.S. Air Force’s over-the-horizon-backscatter (OTH-B) air defense radar system. But it could also be  ‘FlyingFish,‘ a lightweight, airborne SIGINT (signal intelligence) system of UK company Horizon Technologies (Stand S6-296), which is used by NATO countries.
We will post further updates once reliable information becomes available.

UPDATE (Aug, 31, 2o18; 17:00 GMT):

‘No Coincidences’
‘Qanon’ has repeatedly told followers there are “no coincidences.” In the last few minutes (09:56 EST) ‘Q’ has posted a new ‘breadcrumb’ – it points to an ominous future for the very existence of the CIA:
The link above goes to the new Utah Data Center (UDC) of the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Directorate and tells us:
“The Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive, is the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI) data center designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation.”
What else is important about Utah?
Repeatedly, since the ‘QAnon’ posts started in October 2017, ‘Q’ has said there are ‘no coincidences’ so, perhaps, we should consider the following:
“John Huber is an American lawyer who has served as the United States Attorney for the District of Utah since June 2015. He was first nominated for the position by Obama in February 2015.  John Huber was appointed by Jeff Sessions to prosecute crimes uncovered by both IG Michael Horowitz and Military Intelligence, which has led to over 40,000 sealed indictments nationwide.”
What are the odds?
But it gets even stranger!
On October 31, 2017, ‘Q’ posted:
“What if JohnM’s surgery was fake? Why would this occur?
According to followers, ‘QAnon’ knew not just the exact date but also the precise TIME (16:28 Mountain time) Senator John McCain’s died a month in advance (see graphics below).
[30] refers to the number of days till ‘Hands up.’ [0:28] refers to the minutes in the hour of McCain’s demise in ‘Suicide weekend.’
The ‘hands up’ reference is linked to another ‘Q’ post here:
Another strange coincidence is that in 2015 Utah brought back military-style death by firing squad: Death by firing squad: Utah restores ‘barbaric’ penalty – but is it more humane?‘ (Mar. 28, 2015)
Are we to believe that Senator McCain (and possibly others) meet their end as convicted traitors dispatched by military firing squad?

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